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Faster, Higher, Stronger! That’s the Olympic motto and 2016 Summer Olympic Games are fast approaching. The very first Olympic Games to be held in South America promise to be as vibrant and passionate as the city of Rio itself. This year’s games are taking place from 5th to 21st August in Rio de Janeiro.

The official 2016 Games mascot is called ‘Vinicius’ a blue and yellow crazy catlike creature. His unique design represents all Brazilian wildlife. Vinicius can run faster, jump higher, and be stronger than anything else. He is also apparently incredibly stretchy! The mascot's unusual name is taken from famous Bossa Nova musician Vinicius de Moraes. He was the co-writer of the classic track "The Girl From Ipanema.

Make the 2016 Summer Olympics a time to cheer on your Sports Club or business. Celebrate and reward achievement, teamwork and the relationships that flourish amongst your clients, staff and club members. Whether local or internationally based, it’s the perfect time to recognise and reward their efforts.

Do you have a mascot like Vinicius? If not, you could design or update one to represent your club or business and create a mission for it. Characters make a strong impact when used for merchandising.

Soft toys with a message label make effective giveaways. You could consider a South American themed animal mascot such as a Monkey, Wild Cat or possibly even a Sloth! We have a full range of plush toys and they can all be personalised.

Sports clubs can raise their profile by choosing a range of merchandise to tie in with the Games. Quality sports clothing branded with your 2016 design is a proven way to draw attention to your club. It's also collectable and coveted by players. Custom sportswear is a great idea for corporate sporting events this summer.

There will be a staggering 42 different sports played over the 17 days of the Games. We have a fantastic selection of sports related products to choose from and brand in time for the games in Rio.

There’s exciting news as well for Olympic fans.  Two well-loved sports are returning to the Games after lengthy absences. Golf is back after a 112 year break – it was last played in the 1904 games! Enquire about our extensive range of promotional golf accessories and merchandise. They are all suitable for personalisation, and make great corporate gifts to give out to golfers to celebrate this Olympic revival

Rugby is also making its debut in Rio this year. It was last played at the Olympics in 1924! It’s seven-a-side rugby today though, and each game only lasts 15 minutes.  What a great opportunity for your business to welcome rugby back as an Olympic sport. Choose custom branded rugby giveaways to highlight your corporate or club name.

We’ll be posting more articles about specific Olympic Sports, in the run up to the Games. Read how you can tie in an Olympic themed marketing campaign using branded giveaways. In the meantime, if you are considering an Olympic themed summer promotion, please do get in touch with us as soon as possible. Don't delay, The Torch Relay begins on April 21st in Olympia, Greece. The Torch will then travel across Brazil before finishing up in Rio on August 5th. 

To get you off the starting blocks, take a look at our pages of Product Themes.

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