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Promotional Charging Cables

mr-bio-smart-nfc-charge-cable-connectingAdaptor, charging lead, power cable, whatever you call it, it's one of those everyday essential items you probably never think twice about until you misplace it. So if you've never considered placing your brand onto custom printed cables then read on to find out why they also make an affordable, practical and effective marketing solution for getting your message out there...


Why Branded Cables?

Cables are everywhere in the modern world. People use them everyday to charge up their phones and tablets, as well as a host of other devices including cameras, headphones, gaming handsets and more. This makes them a great practical giveaway that people will always need. On average consumers own around three phone chargers, perhaps one they keep at home, one left at their work place and maybe a third that lives in the car. So what with losses and inevitable wear and tear, the gift of a new charging cable is almost always going to be gratefully received.

Best of all a promotional cable is something that will likely be used everyday, and kept in a prominent place, close to hand: the countertop at home, the desk at the office, or the centre console in the car. It puts your brand close to the centre of a person's daily life, and that's why these giveaways can be such a cost effective part of your marketing budget.


Greener Materials

We're always looking for products that use more sustainable materials. Many of our cables incorporate both recycled plastics or biodegradable bioplastics made with organic material such as wheat fibres. Currently, these materials remain slightly pricier than virgin plastics. This cost factor might discourage individual consumers seeking a greener replacement cable option, even if such models are available on the shelves. But when we source those cables in bulk that price differential gets ever smaller, and you can rest assured that any extra you do pay is being re-invested in the development of those green materials and that's bringing the price down for everybody all the time.

Ocean Plastic

Ocean Plastic

We've recently sourced cables that are made using "Ocean Plastic", that's a recycled material made from plastic waste that would otherwise likely end up in the seas. It's a scheme that pays money to people in communities all around the world to collect discarded plastic bottles and containers, that waste is then recycled into durable RPET plastic which can be used in all types of products including some of our latest cables.


New Technologies

We work with manufacturers who use the latest technologies to bring you the best cables on the market, including:

Fast Charge PD
AKA Fast Charging with Power Delivery, refers to a charging method that uses the Power Delivery protocol to provide rapid and efficient charging by dynamically adjusting voltage and current levels. It's a significant improvement over regular charging methods, offering faster charging times, wider compatibility, and safer charging practices.

Smart marketing via NFC
This is a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used as a strategic tool for marketing purposes. NFC interactions provide a seamless and convenient way for consumers to engage with marketing content. By simply tapping their NFC-enabled device to the cable, users can access information or offers relevant to their interests via links to websites, promotional videos etc.

CarPlay Functionality
This is an iPhone specific feature that allows the phone to connect to and interact with a car's infotainment system using Apple CarPlay.


Fun Ideas

We're always on the lookout for new products to bring you that have an an element of novelty and fun. We've got cute multi-function cables shaped like a little person or an aeroplane, and the latest is an octopus that doubles as a stress toy - squeeze its squishy head and the eyes pop out on stalks, it's the ideal cable for fidgets!


View the catalogue brochure here

Click the link below to view the latest catalogue containing a selection of our cables as of August 2023. The Related Products below show our current best sellers but we can source anything you see in this catalogue so just get in touch:

Click Here To View Our Leads Brochure 2023


Click to download

Navillus Promotional Cables 2023 Catalogue

Click here to download 7.14 MB - pdf

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