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Custom shaped awards

We always try and support UK-based manufacturers, especially those that place sustainability and the environment at the centre of their business philosophy, so when we find an innovative new product range like this, we have to share it with you...

Branded promotional awards have long been recognised as a great way of team-building and rewarding excellence. Now we've added a brand new selection of finely-crafted trophies, plaques and achievement awards that are made from sustainably-sourced natural wood and recycled materials.


Sustainably sourced wooden plaques

Achievement Awards in naturally beautiful wood

Made from responsibly-sourced cherry, maple, oak, and walnut, each award is unique with slight variations in colour, grain and the pattern of natural blemishes. They are shaped and smoothed and then hand finished using specialist varnishes, oils and wax. The result is highly tactile, sleek and warm to the touch, with a natural satin finish that brings out the innate beauty of the wood. 


Eye-catching print effects

Let your imagination run wild
There's a range of elegant shapes to choose from, but bespoke designs are also possible - we'll work with you to provide any an award in any shape or size you require.
Artfully customised to your exact specifications
To add your brand or message each award can be printed with a full colour process and/or laser engraved. For even more design options, awards fitted with a clear acrylic face plate can also be printed on its inside surface to give an eye-catching layered effect. Finally, we also offer individually personalisation if required, for example allowing the name of the recipient to be included on each item.


Laser engraved and hand finished

UK Made Awards put the environment front and centre

There are plenty of UK-based suppliers that are experimenting with the latest techniques to reduce their environmental impact, but the workshop behind these awards provides one of the best examples of what can be achieved by combining innovative manufacturing techniques with a business philosophy that's centred on the environment.

Sustainable materials
Wood is easily recyclable and biodegradable and is generally more sustainable than synthetic materials. Even the offcuts and waste are reused whenever possible, either sold as kindling for home heating or given away as sawdust to local stables.
Other materials used are also recycled, from the fully recycled and recyclable Greencast® acrylic, to the carefully sourced aluminium and steel which uses recycled content as much as possible. 
Lastly, a commitment to plastic free packaging that means your items can be delivered to you while minimising the negative impacts on the environment.


Individual personalisation with recipient's name

Schemes to support nature
Here are the smart ways our supplier uses to mitigate any detrimental effects on nature:

  • Tree planting scheme - whereby for every award they make from wood or bamboo they will pay for a tree to be planted in parts of the world where deforestation is  a problem.
  • Carbon offset scheme - where the sale of the recyclable waste products from production is used to purchase Gold Standard carbon offsets that fund climate action.
  • End of life / return scheme – to minimise landfill  the workshop guarantees the labour and equipment to disassemble and recycle any of their products that are ultimately returned to them.


Beautiful awards, better for the environment

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