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Phone Locker

While smartphones have undeniably revolutionized our society, there remain spaces and moments where their omnipresence can prove more disruptive than beneficial. Enter the Phone Locker - a simple yet ingenious solution designed to temporarily stow away these little digital distractions, ensuring focus and privacy in environments ranging from classrooms and examination halls to business meetings and entertainment venues. 

Business meeting

The need for phone-free spaces

The all-pervasive presence of phones in our daily lives has led to a growing recognition of the need for designated phone-free spaces. Whether its the constant temptation of notifications when we need to focus, or the sea of glowing screens blocking your view of the band at a gig, there will be times when even the biggest phone addict might regret they'd ever been invented. 
The problem is, even though we all know we concentrate better without our phones, most of us struggle to actually turn them off. If only there was a practical way to ensure a group of people could be temporarily disconnected from the digital world...

Innovative solution

An innovative solution

The Phone Locker is a durable neoprene pouch with a simple but effective locking system designed to lock away phones. The pouch is lined with a signal-blocking material that takes the phone completely offline, blocking phone signals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in either direction. Additionally the phone can't be used to make video recordings and audio recordings are muffled by the thick, sound-absorbing neoprene.

How it works

How it works

Here's how the Phone Locker is used to create a phone free space...

  • Anyone entering the space is asked to volunteer their phone to a supervisor (either a teacher, steward, or attendant depending on the venue)
  • The supervisor places the phone into a Phone Locker and the pouch is closed and secured by pressing the locking mechanism
  • Safely locked inside in the pouch, the phone is then returned to the owner - the pouch stays in the owner's possession at all times while they are in the space so the responsibility for the phone remains with them
  • When the person is ready to leave the space they return to the supervisor who unlocks the pouch for them
  • The pouch is opened with a special magnetic tool called an unlocking station - the mechanism is similar to the tried-and-tested technology used in some shops to remove the security tags placed on merchandise. One unlocking station is supplied for free with every 100 phone pouches

Use environments

Use environments

The recognition of the benefits of phone free spaces is leading to a rapid rise in their use. You may have already encountered places where the Phone Locker system is implemented, but if not, it's highly probable that you will in the future. Here are some of the places where the adoption of this system is growing fastest...



In educational settings, the constant temptation of notifications can easily derail learning. Teachers and parent groups are together on this and even the pupils (albeit sometimes begrudgingly) agree. Phone free classrooms have conclusively been shown to improve academic performance, student behaviour and classroom engagement. Many schools around the country are already prohibiting smart phone use, and with recent government backing that number will only grow.


Examination rooms

Access to the internet during an exam makes cheating easy. The Phone Locker system ensures phones are secured away, mitigating the temptation and opportunity for students to access online resources, and upholding the integrity of examinations.


Business settings

In professional environments, various occasions can arise where personal devices jeopardise the confidentiality of discussions. These include important meetings where strategic plans or proprietary information are shared, product launches where details about new innovations or market strategies are disclosed, and internal conferences where sensitive company data or financial information may be discussed. Leaks can be costly, Phone Lockers are a great investment in business security.


Music venues and comedy clubs

More and more entertainment venues are now going phone free and most of the pressure to do so is coming from the artists on stage. Video cameras on phones have created an explosion of illicit, often low-quality, bootlegged recordings. Comedians in particular prioritise safeguarding their new material, especially during the refinement stage when the jokes are still being honed. While musicians aim for increased audience engagement, which isn't helped if half the crowd is watching through their phone screens. 
In an era when we increasingly engage with the world in a solitary manner via our devices, the Phone Locker is ready to ensure there are still some moments we can enjoy together as a collective experience.

Your brand here

Branding and decoration

The Phone Locker also provides a large printable area ready to customise with your message. The standard arrangement is to print instructions on the reverse side of the pouch leaving the whole front side for your message. Whether that's the name of the school or venue or a corporate logo, we can add it using a high-quality full-colour sublimation print.


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