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Corporate sponsored sporting events are an established way of using promotional merchandise in a marketing campaign and Navillus have a wide range of gifts, ideas, clothing and awards for all kinds of sporting events. We have a new range of promotional cricket gifts for printing or engraving with corporate details, for example our mini wooden cricket bats are sure to become extremely popular as a marketing giveaway. Sports merchandise is also an ideal promotional tool for schools, colleges and universities.

To show support for your favourite team or country, promotional gifts can be printed to your specifications with your logo branded and business details printed on a number of different ideas. Vuvuzelas, thundersticks, rattles and frisbees all add to the atmosphere of a sporting event or match and are ideal for your supporters to enjoy at the game or to keep as souvenirs after the event.  Mini footballs, mini rugby balls and sports watches are always popular in this respect.Promotional footballs branded for sporting events

Car decorations are especially popular for major sporting occasions and our new car mirror socks are a unique promotional opportunity that will gain popularity over the coming sporting season, or how about our mini sports kit car window stickers?

For cricket supporters we can provide a range of cricket themed gifts, such as full sized leather cricket balls,   cricket ball keyrings and desktop mini-stumps, especially suitable for campaigns during the Ashes cricket series.

Branded cricket bats for promotional gifts

Promotional sports clothing is available, suitable for branding or embroidering with team names and corporate sponsorship details - we can offer track pants, t shirts and hoodies for adults and children. Lightweight foldable hats are suitable for custom printing and make a great giveaway product, always popular with spectators.

For sporting awards and trophies take a look at our Awards section - we can offer stylish engraved glass and metal designs for any occasion or match.

At Navillus we can take your idea and turn it into a finished product for your sporting campaign, contact us to discuss your requirements.