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Reforesting Dalry Scotland

We've joined the environmental organisation Ecologi to participate in their reforestation scheme, so for every order you place with us, somewhere in the world a tree gets planted! Read on to find out why we've joined the scheme and how it works...

Mangrove planting in Madagascar

Our commitment to greener living

At Navillus we've long a held commitment to supplying effective marketing solutions while minimising their environmental impact. Wherever possible we've sought out eco-friendly alternatives for our products, including items made from recycled materials such as metal or plastic, or more sustainable natural materials such as cork and bamboo. We've also championed suppliers who create innovative reusable products that replace wasteful single-use items such as takeout cups and name badges.

We know that approach is important to you too, and not just because these items will be carrying your brand on them. The problem of climate change affects us all, and the state of the planet we leave to the next generation is something that weighs on the minds of most of us. That's why we've partnered with Ecologi, a social enterprise whose aim is the reduction of our collective carbon footprint and the restoration of nature. They are dedicated to funding the most impactful climate solutions, including Reforestation and Carbon Offsetting Projects.


Reforestation in Mozambique


One of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep global temperatures from rising is to plant trees. Like all plants, trees suck carbon dioxide out of the air as they grow - they're literally nature's carbon capture scheme. 

Ecologi works with local reforestation partners at sites across the globe, hiring and training local people to replant trees in areas that were previously stripped by industry. Their knowledge of the local ecosystem is vital in finding the right combination of tree species that will form the basis of the regenerated forest. So not only do these schemes reduce carbon pollution, they create employment for local families and restore wildlife habitats too.

Ecologi runs these projects everywhere, from tropical rain forests across Africa, the uplands of the Andes, mangrove swamps in Madagascar, and rewilding schemes from Scotland to the Appalachian mountains in America. Together they're planting millions of trees per month, and at the last count, their 38,000+ members had funded the planting of close to 53 million trees.

Restoring Andean forests in Peru

Carbon Credits

The funding given to Ecologi is also poured into innovative Carbon Offsetting Projects across the globe. Here's just some of the wide range of green projects they've bankrolled to date:

  • Capturing methane from agricultural waste in India to generate energy
  • Wind power projects in Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Thailand, Africa, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil and Honduras
  • Solar power projects in Vietnam, Egypt, India
  • High efficiency metro transport scheme in India
  • Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile and China
  • Providing cleaner, high efficiency cookstoves in Honduras, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana
  • Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia
  • Producing energy from landfill methane in Chile, Turkey, Thailand and Brazil
  • Geothermal power production in Java

Rewilding the Appalachia USA

How it works

For every order you place with us, regardless of size, we will make a donation to Ecologi and they will plant a tree at one of their reforestation sites. You’ll be able to see the location, species, and age of the tree, along with details of the project it’s attached to.

Mangrove planting in Madagascar

How you can help

If you're one of our customers then you're already helping - you can view the impact so far of our participation in the scheme by visiting: our ecologi page. You can see how many trees we've helped plant and what carbon offsetting schemes our donations have funded

If you want to get involved with the scheme yourself or know someone who might, then you can find out more about becoming a donor or a corporate partner by visiting


Restoring Andean forests Argentina

Choose Our Eco-Friendly Products

Below is a small sampling of our growing range of products made from recycled or sustainable materials. We're always on the look out for greener products and you can find the latest examples by clicking on the Sustainable link in the menu across the top of every page.

Lastly if you want to minimise the environmental impact of your marketing campaign but you can't find a suitably branded product then...

Contact us here to start the discussion


We work with a diverse field of creative and talented suppliers who are serious about sustainability, so whatever you're looking for we can find you a bespoke green solution.

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