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Seedsticks in custom shapes

Seed and plant giveaways are a great way for a brand to demonstrate the value it places on the environment. So in this article we’d going to spotlight one of our partners whose products are leading this field. They’re a UK-based supplier that centres their business model on sustainability. They made the far-sighted decision back in 1988 to focus on seed and plant based promotional items, and in the intervening years they’ve developed a wide range of innovative products. Now with the rest of the world waking up to the necessity of sustainability in business, that product range is tested and ready to meet the sudden growth in demand. 

We've been working with this supplier for a while now. They offer a number of clever seed delivery systems, including their proprietary Seedsticks and Seedboms, and they’re constantly expanding their range of everyday, useful products that also incorporate plantable seeds, including: bags, pencils, badges, coasters and wristbands. 

Seedsticks matchbook



Our supplier has set themselves up as a model for green manufacturing, investing in a 100% solar-powered facility, and eco-friendly printing equipment that uses the latest water-soluble vegetable and soy inks. They also avoid all plastics, instead opting for recycled and biodegradable materials such as the post-consumer and post-industrial recycled paper they use for their paper products and Seedsticks.

Seed paper greetings cards


Plants beautify the space they're in and lift the mood of the people who share it. Placed outdoors they’ll bolster the local eco-system, attracting insects and other wildlife; placed indoors they’re natural air purifiers, decreasing carbon monoxide and dust and boosting oxygen and humidity. Smartly-designed offices frequently incorporate plants, and it’s not just for aesthetic reasons - they’re presence has even been shown to boost productivity.

Here’s some of the potential benefits that you’re giving people when you gift them plants and seeds:

Custom printed seed packets

  • A connection with nature
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Improvements to air quality
  • Helping the bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Growing your own produce
  • Great activity to do with the kids

Lastly, people who look after plants will know just how easy it is to become emotionally invested in them - and there’s not many promotional giveaways you can say that about!

Seedball tins


Our supplier is a licensed seed-provider with a wealth of horticultural expertise. They’ve carefully selected their seed strains and delivery systems to make the them easy to use by anybody. When you choose one of their products you get to select the type of seeds or seed mix you want it loaded with, including:

  • Herbs (parsley, chives, thyme and basil)
  • Wildflowers (forget-me-nots, chamomile, field poppy and catnip)
  • Fruits and vegetables (broccoli, carrot, chilli, lettuce, onion, strawberry and tomato)
  • Trees (including Norway spruce a type of Christmas tree)


An overview of products

Seedsticks - These come in a matchbook design: the head of each stick is embedded with a seed, you just tear the stick off from the book, push it into the soil and watch it grow!  The books are custom-printed and come in a variety of sizes. Even custom-shapes are possible, previous designs have featured everything from animals to vehicles, but we’ll work with you to come up with the perfect design to match your campaign.

Seed packets - This is an inexpensive and versatile promotion idea that’s perfect for direct mail campaigns, cover mounts and giveaways. The seeds come loose or mounted or Seedsticks, and the packets come in all sizes from credit card sized and upwards and are made from 100% recycled paper (gloss, matte or kraft board).

Seeded papers - Our supplier has perfected the use of plantable seeded paper to make all kinds of paper products, including greetings cards, postcards and envelopes, bookmarks, notepads, business cards and coasters, bottle tags and bags. They also have button badges and wristbands that are perfect for festivals, trade shows and VIP events.

Grow kits - These easy-to-use kits provide everything you need to grow a plant including coir pellets (a specially formulated growth medium that’s peat-free and environment-friendly) and a terracotta or recycled plastic pot that’s custom-printed with your brand. Simply plant the seed, water and place it in natural light. There's new variations coming all the time, including Eco Cubes and Desktop Gardens, designed to brighten up any workspace, and postable Instant Gardens that are shaped to fit through a letterbox.

Seeded Paper Badges

Guerilla Gardening Range

Guerilla gardening is the act of planting flowers in neglected public spaces to enhance the local environment. We currently offer a couple of products that are ideal for this activity, although they’re also perfect for adding some extra colour to your own garden or window box…

Seedballs - These are a mix of seeds, clay, peat-free compost and a little chilli powder (to naturally deter any critters from eating your seedling before it’s had a chance to grow). The balls are packaged in a custom-printed matchbox-style card container or a round metal tin.

Seedboms - These are grenade-shaped biodegradable shells filled with organic compost and wildflower seeds. Everything from the design of the packaging to make-up of the seed-mix is fully-customisable.

See a selection of our seed-based products below, or contact us about any other product mentioned in this article. We're ready to provide you with any of them, customised with your brand or message...