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Custom branded luxury foods can now add real flavour to your campaign. Read on to find out how we’re using the latest techniques to decorate luxury food items with your custom design…

Frosted Cupcake

Imagine someone about to bite into some delicious delicacy: their mouth is watering, the pleasure centres in their brain are already going into overdrive, and right there in front of their eyes is your logo and message.

These scrumptious treats will make people literally hungry for your brand!

Photo quality printing

You can print on food now?

Yes! Although, compared to all the myriad other items that we can custom print, foodstuffs present a unique challenge. Food tends to be relatively squishy and by its nature is biodegradable, and up until very recently, there was no printing process available that produced stable and consistent results using edible ingredients.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be working with the supplier we’re showcasing below, because they’ve managed to combine expert traditional cooking skills with the very latest techniques for printing on food. 

We can now print in full colour using edible dyes, which are basically like the food colouring you might use for home baking. We can’t guarantee an exact Pantone match (yet) but with a mix of dyes we can create a close match for almost any colour, and the definition is now high enough that we can provide an excellent rendering of photo-quality images. On a cupcake!


Do it for the gram!

Food is always going to play a central role in our lives, so is it really a surprise that beautifully presented photos of delicious delicacies are already a firm staple of the new media age?  As every influencer knows, pictures of nom noms are a great way for generating clicks and likes. That's why in the UK alone over 100,000 pictures of food are shared shared daily.

So an indulgent treat decorated with your eye-catching design could well see your brand shared across the internet.


Consumable gifts, the tasty way to go green

A real bonus of food-based giveaways is that there’s no waste to clutter up the environment. They’re fully biodegradable, of course, and wherever possible we use packaging like paper and card that’s greener and fully recyclable, and an eco-friendly transparent film to seal in freshness. These fancy treats may be a guilty pleasure, but in terms of their environmental impact, you can comfort yourself that there’s a lot less to feel guilty about.


Here’s our current menu…

Please note, wherever possible we’ve found alternative recipes that are vegan or dairy and gluten-free and every bit as tasty as the traditional version - just let us know your requirements when you order.


Fresh-made cupcakes and donuts
These tempting baked goods are every bit as tasty as they look:

  • The cake cups come in vanilla, lemon and light chocolate, either frosted or filled and iced.
  • The luxury-style doughnuts come in strawberry chocolate and caramel, both filled and iced.

They come individually wrapped, ideal for giveaways, or packed in a tray and boxed for delivery. Remember these are made fresh every day, they’re not a long-life product, so we can organise deliveries directly to the recipients, or specific day delivery via a fragile-goods courier service.

Chocolate Brownie

Fresh-baked brownies and flapjacks - perfect for posting
These toothsome treats are made for sharing! They’re large enough for 4 portions, and at 10cm square, they also provide a wide canvas for your most imaginative branding designs. We seal them in transparent ECO film and package them up in a sturdy box that’s specially designed to fit through a letterbox - so they’re the ideal nibble for mail-outs.

Biscuits, Cookies and Shortbread
We offer all the most popular recipes in a range of shapes and sizes: shortbreads, chocolate chip cookies, caramel biscuits and ginger nuts. They’re decorated with icing that's custom printed with your chosen design and then individually sealed for freshness or packaged in a custom-branded tin. Bespoke shaped biscuits are also an option: vehicles, animals, people etc. -  whatever best fits with your campaign, we'll work with you to produce anything achievable.


Cake pops
These make ideal giveaways - a single-serving cake-based morsel stuck on a convenient wooden stick with a prominent branding area front and centre.

Chocolate (different sized bars)
Yes, the ultimate in scrumptious confectionary can also now be customised with your full colour message. Our chocolate comes in a range of sizes: from bite-size squares to full-size bars. We use luxury Belgian milk chocolate with a white chocolate topping that provides a high-contrast canvas for your design.

Iced Cupcake

See our current range of branded confectionery and fresh-baked goods below…