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How do you recognise achievement and commitment in a competitive environment? If you are running a sporting event this summer or maybe you are the entertainment manager you may want to consider producing your very own medals.  They are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a custom made incentive gift with the ‘wow ‘ factor. They are a versatile and low cost bespoke item, with an amazing choice of shapes, sizes and finishes. Add a ribbon in your corporate or team colours and print with your logo to really get you noticed! They’re a great idea to tie in with the Rio Olympics marketing campaigns this summer.

Medals have traditionally been awarded as prizes for sporting activities. We usually associate the receiving of medals with the Olympic Games. The familiar gold, silver and bronze awards for first, second and third placings were only introduced in the 1904 Olympics. Before that, in 1896, silver medals were awarded to winners.  Bronze medals were for the runners up. In the 1900 Summer Olympics no medals at all were awarded, only a selection of gifts and presents.  Interesting fact: The medals for the 2012 London Olympics were the largest ever made.

For the 2016 Rio Olympics, medals will incorporate metal derived from recycled electronic equipment. This is a rather fantastic demonstration of the Rio Games commitment to sustainability.  It’s a great promotional idea to be inspired by.  Award medals for environmental awareness in business, or for Local Councils and Schools.

Awarding medals for recognition of ability has been adopted by other competitive fields.  Arts, Sciences, even Horticulture use gold, silver or bronze medals as markers of excellence.

Bespoke medals are ideal for incentive gifts, or for charity and sporting events.  We can help you design your own medal to represent your company ethos and the importance of the event. A unique distinctive design will ensure your medals, and your business, are memorable. Add a personalised ribbon and you will definitely go the distance!  Did you know that before the 1960 Rome Olympics, medals were pinned to winner’s chests. It was only during the Rome Olympics that medals were designed to be worn around the neck.

School sports days, sponsored fun runs or charity events are an ideal opportunity to present medals to participants.  Make any event that your business may be sponsoring unforgettable. Mini medals for dog shows, gardening competitions, musical events are a great opportunity to offer bespoke medals.  Custom medals for Golf days are a simple way to raise your business or club profile.

While it’s all about taking part and not just the prizes, make sure your business is up there on the podium. We will advise you on design, materials and ribbons for your personalised medals. Whether you want round or square medals, engraved or printed, or your own bespoke shape, we can help.

So it's ‘ready, steady, go’ with your summer marketing. Take a look at our engraved medals and awards pages here.

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