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Our UK Construction and Building Sector is an increasingly diverse, world leading, multi million pound industry. How do you differentiate in a global market and make it stand out from the others?  Utilising a carefully considered range of branded promotional gifts will help build a strong visual relationship with your clients and employees. Increase brand recognition with easily identifiable branding across the board.

The best promotional gifts are relevant, practical items that won’t get thrown away. Our selection of mini tools and gadgets are perfect for the construction industry. Standard tape measures, magnifiers with measures or electronic distance measurers can all be personalised. Screwdriver sets will always be kept to hand. We even have a clever mini set of screwdrivers inside a metal ballpen to engrave. Our mini hi-vis jacket keyrings look fantastic when personalised.  Robust powerbank phone chargers will keep communication going out on site. Personalised torch keyrings for everyone will be appreciated especially in winter months.

For on-site safety, check out our high visibility safety clothing. All are top quality and approved to BS standards. We also have a great range of weatherproof jackets to brand. Keep your team looking smart and co-ordinated with logo embroidered outdoor wear. Enquire about our range of performance jackets by Stormtech, Clique and D.A.D. 

For client marketing gifts, umbrellas are such a simple but essential item. Just think how many days a year your business name will be seen on a quality printed umbrella. We even have special notebooks that can be written on in rainy conditions! For the office, we offer standard notebooks and stationery all suitable for printing.

We have a huge selection of lanyards suitable for all kinds of personalisation. Perfect for visitor passes, security and staff. Have them woven in your corporate colours to make identification easier on site .

Our eco friendly product range can also be incorporated into your branding to highlight your green credentials and on-site building compliance regulations. We have many construction clients for whom we produce biodegradable pens and natural bamboo lanyards.

Navillus also produce and install for our construction clients on-site hoardings and graphics to any size and scale. We also supply flags, banners and a multitude of outdoor boundary branding accessories. Get in touch to discuss your upcoming projects and marketing requirements. We will help propose how to invigorate your brand and expand your global marketing. To browse our extensive index of promotional products just click here.

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