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Mr. Bio from Xoopar is the latest practical solution to tackle the issue of plastic materials and cable waste and what happens when they have served their useful purpose.

Mr Bio is made using Bio-Degradable wheat composite plastic & recyclable cables. Xoopar Biodegradable Charging Cable

Mr Bio is made from a plastic with BioSphere additives which, when it comes into contact with high solid environments (under the soil and landfills), it biodegrades, and returns to nature within 3-5 years.

Its a top quality product that will last a long long time but when its useful life is finally over can easily be disposed of.  So your custom branded tech gadget wont be adding to the mountain of plastic and metal that ends up being incinerated or sent abroad to be reprocessed.  

It’s cables are made from DuPont Tyvek, a woven paper that is water resistant and a tough and durable alternative to PVC.
A durable and reliable cable solution for any gadget user, two position branding area on the front and reverse

Mr Bio is fitted with 5 different connectors to synchronise all your technology devices.
It boasts USB, Lightning, Type C, Micro USB and Type C and USB port 2 in 1 input.

Like all the tech products from Xoopar, Mr Bio combines a high performance product  in a design that makes effective use of materials which are easily biodegradable or recyclable.

And that’s not all. Mr Bio is even supplied in an all new eco card packaging (FSC® certified) which can also be branded with your our corporate sustainable message


Contact us to discuss how to use Mr Bio for your own promotional campaigns and click on the link below for more information.

Mr Bio Charging Cable