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The Neutral® clothing brand was founded in 2008, and produces certified organic and fair trade clothing in India. Neutral’s core garment range is designed for customising with print or embroidery. Neutral also now offer a bespoke clothing service for you to support a groundbreaking wildlife conservation initiative with your custom clothing order.

Tigers Head

Neutral has teamed up with WWF India and the C&A Foundation to create the Tiger Cotton programme with the aim of supporting and educating some of the 14,000 farmers of the Madhya Pradesh region to convert to organic farming methods and to ensure the safety of the Bengal tiger population. So far 1,200 farmers have enrolled on the Tiger Cotton programme. An order for bespoke Tiger Cotton garments will contribute to protecting the welfare of both farmers and Bengal tigers, as well as the biodiversity of the large area between two of India’s oldest nature reserves.

It takes 3-4 years to convert land from conventional farming with pesticides and GMO seed to organic farming and natural methods. With each farmer producing an average of just 83kg of cotton each year the Tiger Cotton programme is designed to incentivise and support the farmers during this transition period. By paying the farmers 10% more for their produce Neutral® are financially compensating the farmers to save and improve the natural wildlife. The biodiversity of the region is essential for maintaining the habitat and health of the Bengal tiger population.

The tiger rules at the top of the food chain. it needs a healthy population of smaller animals which in turns needs thriving wildlife. It's quite simple, If you save the tiger, you save the whole eco-system.

The Bengal Tiger is protected in the nature reserves but it’s dangerous for it to cross to other areas. Tiger cotton seeks to secure the corridor between two of India’s biggest nature reserves. The tiger and the farmer shouldn’t be each other's enemy. The farmer will let the tiger pass though his cotton fields if he knows all of the positive benefits the Tiger Cotton project brings the ecosystem on his fields. Neutral® is more than clothing. It’s a communication platform for you to inspire people and business to act okay. With Neutral you can share your stories with great impact on a T-shirt you need anyway.

Tiger Cotton Clothing Tags

Choose Tiger Cotton for your bespoke ethical clothing. Your Neutral garments will be custom branded by Navillus and come with their own Tiger Cotton hangtag. We help you explain the story of this ongoing project alongside that of the Tiger, WWF and Neutral®.


If you’re interested in creating a garment in Neutral® Tiger Cotton, talk to Navillus and we will be able full brief you on the multitude of options and possibilities. 

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Navillus are distributors for the Neutral range in the UK offering a full range of custom branding methods. For more information on truly ethical certified clothing for your brand, get in touch and we will help you to make the right choice.