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Make your organic clothing range fully sustainable with our sugar cane organic garment bags


Over the last few years, we have been working alongside our garment printers to offer a natural bagging option for our organic clothing range 
Our organic garment bags are different from traditional polyethylene bags as they are made using ethanol from sugar cane, with is a natural resource, as opposed to using the traditional oil based polymers.  

Carbon Neutral Garment Bagging We have a new sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for garment packaging in the promotional industry, namely our ‘Sugar Cane’ bags.

They look and feel the same as a conventional poly bag, however, they start life in the form of sugar cane.  In fact, its waste sugar cane, created from the leftovers of sugar cane extraction.

From this waste, a polymer is created that is bio-based rather than traditional fossil fuels, such as oil or natural gas.
During the growth of the sugar cane, the natural process of photosynthesis sees carbon actively captured meaning the polymer is initially carbon negative. 

The amount of captured carbon is almost equivalent to the amount of carbon expended when using oil-based polymers, which means the benefit to the environment is huge. 

Furthermore, sugarcane polymers are a renewable resource, so we are not depleting our planet of fossil fuels.

Along with using new water based inks and 100% organic cotton garments this means navillus can now offer you a complete ethial garmnet service.

Key Benefits of Sugar Cane Bags

1. Organic Polymers sourced from sugar cane will help lead to a global reduction in CO2.

2. Carbon Positive Actively captures CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen.

3. CSR Requirements Helps to meet industry Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.

4. P&W Regulations Reduce your packaging & waste payment obligations.

5. 100% Recyclable sugar cane bags are fully recyclable, further reducing their impact on the environment.

We can offer these sugar cane bags for all our custom branded garments when bagging is a necessity 
Just get in touch and ask for more information about our sugar cane bags and we will be happy to 
help you put together a truly ethical range of branded clothing 


Call us on 020 7442 2211 for a chat about organic based packaging and what we can do to help you choose the right products for your ethical campaign