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Navillus hold stock of promotional magnifiers & magnifiying glasses which are a great budget giveaway. Suitable for mailouts they can be printed up to 4 colours and work as practical giveaways for all ages.The handheld retro magnifiers come in several colours and make a perfect kids educational gift for children for outdoor nature studies in parks and woodlands.

Below are the different styles we can offer in custom printed magnifiying glasses;

Credit Card Magnifiers:  budget priced, very easy to use and keep in a wallet or purse for everyday use.  Just think of the multitude of uses  - reading the small print on menus, bus and train timetables, food nutrition labels, medication details, price labels, etc.  The card magnifier has a generous print area on the front for your details, and is ideal for a large campaign at a reasonable price. Also perfect for mail-outs, to reach a wide audience at a low cost. Card magnifiers can be attached to magazines, combined with travel card wallets, as alternatives to business cards, for trade shows,  wherever you wish your brand to be clearly seen.

Small Folding Magnifiers: more substantial than the card magnifiers, but just as convenient, with high magnification for close work, or checking the details on maps, timetables, when out and about. These can be printed in up to four colours on the front and back, to really highlight your brand. They also make a practical and useful souvenir for events, and award ceremonies.

Hand Held Magnifiers: For a more traditional magnifying glass giveaway, the round, hand held magnifier is a stylish way of checking the small print. Great to keep on a desk top, or in a hand bag for convenience.  Print your business logo and contact details on the handle for an eye catching giveaway. There are various options and styles to choose from: coloured plastic handles - great for schools. Encourage children to explore their environment, go bug hunting, examine plantlife, educational and fun at the same time! 

Engraved Jewellers Loupe magnifiers are an essential business accessory for technology based businesses, and are ideal for circuit board design and repair. Engineers use Loupe magnifiers to inspect circuit boards for any manufacturing defects and missing or misaligned components. Our professional quality metal Loupes comes in various magnifications and field of view and are regarded as essential kit for a vast range of professionals such as watchmakers, diamond and jewellery inspection checking for clarity and flows, geologists and biologists.  They are still very popular amongst model makers and hobbyests who need to carefully inspect their work as they progress.

Linen Testers:  For more precise closer work, inspection of photographs,  prints, documents etc., these stylish powerful magnifiers are the perfect desk top item. They have optical quality lenses, fold flat and are supplied gift boxed, a great opportunity to provide a quality, useful gift for offices, libraries, design studios, photographers.

Magnifying gadgets: For a multipurpose giveaway item, how about a magnifier and tape measure combination; or magnifier and ruler, magnifying bookmarks and even a magnifier with a digital clock?!

Think big, expand your branding, increase your power and get noticed!

Contact us to discuss how to use magnifiers for your promotional campaigns and make sure you take a look at our 

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