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Is your business looking to take environmental issues and social responsibility more seriously in 2016? Are you looking to raise your brand awareness with some promotional giveaway items? A simple way is to replace some of your existing choices of promotional products with responsibly sourced eco friendly alternatives.

For example, jute bags are reusable, long lasting and an ethical way to promote your brand.  Since the plastic bag tax everyone needs  a strong but lightweight bag or two for shopping, daily activities etc. and jute bags send a message that users are environmentally aware. They are perfect for retailers who are looking to replace plastic or card carrier bags.

What is jute? It’s a soft but strong vegetable fibre harvested from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant, known as the 'Golden Fibre' due to it's silky shine and colour. It's suitable for spinning into coarse threads which can then be woven into fabric.

Why choose Jute Bags to brand? Jute fibre fabric bags are biodegradable, they will naturally decompose and are carbon dioxide neutral.  They are a good alternative to cotton bags, as jute crops require few pesticides or fertilisers.

Jute fibre bags are tactile, look and feel natural, and will last and last. As well as screen printing, jute bags can be embroidered, full colour transfer printed or have a woven label attached. There are different styles and sizes to choose from, handle choices and colours. For further ideas and information about jute and cotton shoppers, why not take a look at our Bags Section here.