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Hand Sanitisers and Sprays are convenient marketing tools that are easy to print and distribute and will be kept and used, making them perfect little promotional giveaways. Prospective customers will be impressed that you have thought about their health and wellbeing, and will associate your brand with caring. Staff will appreciate corporate gifts that make the workplace a healthier environment for all.

Antibacterial disposable wipes, hand gel bottles and sprays are small and light to carry, budget friendly, perfect for exhibitions, conferences, schools etc.

At this time of year everyone needs a little help to manage germs and infection.

It's important to encourage a healthy and happy environment around each other, especially at work. People will come into contact with germs and bacteria every day, especially when crammed onto public transport  or queuing in crowded, overheated shopping centres. How many working days do your staff lose during the winter months to sickness?  Colds, flu and stomach bugs seem to strike everybody at some point, but can be minimised with good hygiene practice.

Apart from hand washing, what else can you do? Remember, the office phone is the dirtiest piece of office equipment, shared hand to mouth by several staff; computer keyboards are a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria.  Research has proven that most office spaces and equipment harbour more germs than the average toilet seat!

So, what can you do to safeguard the health of your valued staff? Simple office or workspace rules should include:

  • ·         Daily wiping down your desk and equipment with a disinfecting wipe 
  • ·         Keep a hand sanitiser spray on your desk and use it frequently
  • Try to avoid eating at your desk if at all possible
  • ·Wash coffee mugs and glasses thoroughly after use each day

·         If sick, don’t go into work if at all possible!

Custom printed hand sanitizers and other antibacterial products are also a great way of drawing attention to your brand, and especially suitable for winter promotional campaigns. Help prevent the spread of coughs and colds with handy antibacterial sprays, or wet wipes even iProtect Antibacterial Pens that protect the user from 99.9% of bacteria.  They are all small enough to fit in a handbag or even a pocket, perfect for hygiene on the go!

We have a wide choice of hand sanitisers to choose from,  Bottle or Pen-style sprays all have plenty of space on which to print your logo, or message in full colour. Packets and tubs of wet wipes are simple to print, we also have mini wet wipes tubs to attach to keychains for a perfect little winter giveaway. As well as antibacterial sprays and gels we also have tissues, lip balms and plenty of other healthcare products to print.

If you choose to use antibacterial products, recipients will be impressed that you have thought about their wellbeing, and will associate your brand name with caring. Make your message contagious rather than nasty germs, by spreading the happiness that receiving a free gift brings! Remember, free branded giveaways reach far more people than TV or radio advertising, so why not make yours something that people will continually use, and remind them of your brand or business.

For more inspiration, take a look at our range of hand sanitizers get in touch for our expert advice and an ideas list for our full range. Send over your enquiry, and we’ll get right back to you.

Just click on the link below or call us on 020 7442 2211 and for a chat about what we can do for you.

Custom branded Hand Sanitisers