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Bamboo-Faced Window ID Badges

British Badge manufacturers are working on the next generation of products that tackle the issue of throwaway culture.

Until very recently we lived in a world where everything was seen as endlessly replaceable and disposable. It didn't matter if the things we bought were less than durable because mass production made them cheap enough that we could toss them away after a single use and buy a brand new version.

Reusable Blackboard Name Badges

But with the growing awareness of environmental issues our society has been forced to rethink this throwaway culture and growing numbers are realising how recklessly short-sighted it is. This is an issue that the badge industry is acutely aware of, based as it is on a product that is so small and ubiquitous that there was rarely any serious attempt at reuse or recycling. Luckily some of the more forward-thinking suppliers have been working on innovative solutions to this problem, and it’s one of these we’d like to showcase here.

Greener and more durable name badges

This supplier starts by carefully choosing its raw materials:

Wood-Faced Window ID Badges

  • Recycled and recyclable plastic is as cheap and sturdy as regular plastic but reduces the amount of material that ends up in landfills and floating in our oceans.
  • Metals such as aluminium and steel are used to create a more substantial and longer-lasting product - these materials are already widely recycled and they are carefully sourced to include as much recycled content as much as possible
  •  They've made versions of their most popular designs using wood, bamboo and cork. Not only are these natural materials more sustainable than their man-made counterparts, at the end of their lives they are easily recyclable or at the very least 100% biodegradable.

Reusable window badge designs

A key step in making their products more sustainable is designing them to be higher-quality, longer-lasting and fully reusable.

Metal Window ID Badges

Window ID Badges
These reusable ID badges are designed for use with printed paper inserts. They’re supplied with plain card inserts as perforated A4 sheets and these can be easily printed using free online software. They also look great: they come in natural oak wood or bamboo, or aluminium in a wide choice of metal finishes or flood coated any colour; and they can be branded with a pantone spot colour, photo quality print or laser engraving.

Blackboard Name Badges
These clever name tags come customised with your pre-printed brand or message but are readily personalised and easily reused: write a name on the badge, then when required you can just erase and repeat.  The wipe-clean surface is designed for repeat use with liquid chalk pens. They’re made with either recyclable aluminium or biodegradable and environment-friendly bamboo.

Bamboo Blackboard Name Badge

A more sustainable manufacturing philosophy

Here are some of the smart ways our manufacturer has found a way to centre the environment into their production…

  • Carbon offset scheme where the sale of the recyclable waste products from production is used to purchase Gold Standard carbon offsets that fund climate action
  • Tree planting scheme whereby for every 50 badges they make from wood or bamboo they will pay for a tree to be planted in parts of the world where deforestation is a problem.
  • Plastic-free packaging that’s not just better for the environment, but carefully designed to improve presentation: your badges arrive arranged in neat rows on recycled card
  • UK-based workshops mean shorter journeys for delivery and less carbon-emissions
  • End of life / return scheme, to reduce landfill further this workshop has committed to disassemble and recycle any of their products that are returned to them

Metal Window ID Badges

A badge of pride

These badges are ideal for business use, for conferences, retail and the hospitality industry. Not only do they look better than traditionally-made badges, they’re cheaper in the long run because they'll last so much longer. So if your organisation is trying to turn its back on throwaway culture then click on the links below, because now you can wear your commitment to sustainability like a badge of pride!