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baby bibWe've added a new range of specialist clothing for babies and toddlers. The brand is called Babybugz and they work primarily with organic cotton because it's kinder to the environment and to babies delicate skin! Read on to find out more about adding some adorable cuteness to your marketing campaign...

one knot hat

From newborn to toddler

Babybugz is a range of cute and comfy clothing that's made to the highest standards from either 100% organic cotton and or else from high-cotton-content blends of organic cotton and recycled polyester. There's everything a growing baby needs, from all-in-ones and pyjamas, through bibs and hooded blankets, and on to hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and hats.

hooded blanket

Comfy designs with smart features

The whole range has been carefully designed with comfort and practicality in mind, with clever features including:

  • Easy-access closures that let you put on and take off the outfit quickly and without fuss.
  • Roomy fits that allow for plenty of movement, flexibility and growth.
  • Comfort features such as seam-free backs to prevent friction and irritation against the spine.

envelope sleepsuit

Better for sensitive skin

Organic cotton is an excellent choice for baby clothing because it is soft, gentle, and produced without harsh chemicals. This is especially important for babies who may be prone to skin irritation or allergies. It is also more breathable than synthetic fabrics, which helps regulate body temperature and reduces the risk of overheating. 


Better for the world

Headquartered in London in the UK, Babybugz is unique in the promotional clothing industry for being part of a female founded organic clothing company.  With a family background of textiles manufacturing in Tanzania, the founder's goal is to protect nature and empower female garment workers. The company works with a select group of growers, suppliers and factories in Africa and South Asia - organisations that share a commitment to protecting both the environment and the people who make their clothes.

Grown without harmful additives, organic cotton is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than regular cotton. Organic cotton farming improves soil health, reduces water use, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. It can help support healthier ecosystems and protect the health of farmers and their families.

little hat with ears

Perfect for branding

In the right market, branded clothing for babies and toddlers can be a great way to get your message out there...
1) Clothes are practical and useful. Kids aren't cheap, and kitting them out in well-made outfits can get expensive when they're growing so fast. A gift of clothing is always going to be appreciated. 
2) Babies make excellent brand ambassadors - those levels of cuteness create the type of positive association we could all benefit from!
3) Your message gets passed on and shared: parents share photos of their kids to family and friends; the clothes, once outgrown, are often passed on to other families. Your brand spreads far and wide.

denim dungarees

Bespoke customisation

Babybugz comes in a coordinated range of warm colours that form the perfect canvas for custom branding. Every item can be bespoke printed or embroidered with your message, in high detail and vibrant colours.

baby hat

The right solution for you?

So if you're a company that makes or sells baby products, or one that provides services such as childcare or family-friendly entertainment, or anyone whose target audience is parents or families, then promotional kids clothing could be perfect for your marketing needs. 

For more ideas see our Babybugz products below...