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Safely returning to work

Below we have compiled a range of products to help ensure the well being of your staff and customers on returning to their place of work

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We may have a little longer to wait before we can all resume our regular day-to-day lives and activities again, but getting back to work is something most businesses are now keen to prepare for.

Your staff and customers are your key assets and all employers will be giving serious consideration to their safety and continued wellbeing in the post-Covid 19 world. Not only is the protection of your workforce of the utmost importance they will also need reassurance that they will be protected and supported during the transition from home to office work.  We’ve put together some ideas for ensuring your staff and customers feel safe and their dedication appreciated as we all start to embrace the new normal.


Ensure your workplace is COVID secure 

Even though social distancing is likely to remain official advice for some time to come it’s easy to forget once we are back in a familiar safe environment in which we have never experienced this. It may be second nature to offer cups of tea to all your colleagues as you put the kettle on but the two-metre distancing rule still applies. We can offer a full range of signage and display guidance around the office from pop up banners to the bright hard-wearing floor graphics.  We are also able to offer a range of custom branded products marked with individual names, such as mugs stationary, pens calculators and notebooks. 

Clothing with a message 

You can help to keep your staff safe with a visible reminder such as a printed ‘keep your distance - 2m’ t-shirt or high-vis vests. Uniform or a change of clothing for the workplace can be a way to avoid potential viral contamination of your work environment from your colleague’s busy public transport commute. Badges and lanyards can also be printed with a safety message to reinforce your company intentions to maintain a safe working environment and compliance with social distancing rules.

Personal protection accessories 

Custom Printed Face masksMany countries are making wearing some form of face covering for the nose and mouth mandatory in public places such as supermarkets. While we believe that the highest standard medical face masks must be prioritised for healthcare staff and those key workers on the front line, any form of face covering can assist in preventing the spread of the virus in the general population. We wear masks and face coverings to protect others. We can offer a range of face covers from scarves and snoods to certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and antibacterial shields.

Antibacterial products 

In a working environment with shared equipment and facilities, antibacterial protection will be important for the foreseeable future. Ensure that your staff have access to hand sanitizers or antibacterial gel as well as plenty of soap to keep their hands clean. We also have a new range of certified antibacterial mugs, water bottles, glasses and desk items which are coated with silver antimicrobial particles. They withstand repeat washing and are effective at killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria within a 24 hour period, ideal for providing your staff and customers with safe drinking facilities.

Show your staff that you care

The challenges of the return to work can be daunting for many people, but showing your gratitude to staff and customers will be beneficial for all. Demonstrating your appreciation and consideration for their health and wellbeing will pay dividends for the business. Our range of considerate gifts such as eco-friendly confectionery and personalised desk plants and wellbeing kits are a simple and effective way to boost morale in difficult circumstances. Communities have come together with strength and kindness and we’d love to help you put together the ideal gifts to spread a little joy and goodwill.

We have compiled below, a range of product suggestions that are practical and useful.  Designed for your staff and customers to help inspire confidence to safely return to work. 

Call us or email and let's see what we can all do to make this difficult time for business become a little more cheerful.

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