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coffee-cup-with-handleHere’s a great idea to consider if you are actively looking to make your organisation more responsible when it comes to recycling. Is your University keen to support campaigns to bring an end to waste?  Do you want to raise your ‘green’ credentials?’  There are all kinds of ways that your business, school or college and even restaurants and cafes can all make a difference. We need to reduce the mountains of unrecyclable rubbish that accumulates every year from the takeaway coffee cups used every single day.

Every year we throw away 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups and recycle less than 1%. The problem is they are not easy to recycle as the plastic inner lining has to be stripped first. This is not economically viable for most businesses, so the cups end up in landfill.

Your company could make a difference.  It’s simple. Provide staff and customers with top quality reusable takeaway style coffee cups to use. What’s even better is that they can be custom branded with your corporate logo, and designs in literally hundreds of colour combinations. 

It’s a great marketing opportunity for your brand. Many coffee shops are now offering incentive discounts if customers provide their own mugs. Reward your staff or clients for loyalty with their very own reusable coffee cups. It's a practical idea for students using campus coffee bars. Hospitals could encourage their coffee shops to offer reusable cups and raise money.

We can offer you a great choice of styles and designs for your promotional coffee cups.  The best selling Americano Thermal Coffee Mug is made in the UK. It’s BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe. The screw-on lid is securely fixed to prevent leaks and spills. There are so many colour combinations for lids and grips it’s easy to match your corporate colours. Choose a full colour wrap around print for extra impact.

The Americano Caffe Mug is suitable for branding on the lid or grip. The stylish Americano Grande Thermal Mug has a handle for extra safety.

We also have plenty of travel mugs to choose from. The Urban Thermal Coffee Mug has a secure leakproof lid. It has a handle, and a fashionable stainless steel outer. For executive travellers, we have some stunning drinks flasks. The eye catching Wave Metallic Insulated Flask comes in a choice of colours with two cups. These are all suitable for custom branding with your choice of text and design.

Remember, your business can make a difference. It’s so easy. Navillus will advise you on choosing the right product for your campaign. We will ensure your artwork is suitable and of the highest quality. We will also discuss realistic deadlines with you so that no-one is disappointed. Don’t wait, take a look today at our exciting range of reusable, eco friendly, takeaway coffee cups and travel mugs. 

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