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University Freshers Fairs are the ideal opportunity to make sure that your brand or company is the one that will be remembered amongst all your other competitors. Give students a reason to stay loyal to your company with well chosen, useful printed giveaways. Put together a student friendly information pack by filling a branded cotton bag with a selection of goodies printed with your company details, including:

Travel Mugs - take-out style coffee mugs are perfect for students, from early morning starts to all-nighters finishing that essay!

Keyrings with bottle openers - essentials for all those beginning of term parties and don't forget people tend to hang on to bottle openers for years!

 Keyrings with torches are another useful item, especially for on-campus living, finding the way home along unfamiliar walkways and locating room keys.

Power Banks - branded with your details will be carried around everywhere for instant recharging!

Pens & Notebooks are a student staple, but choose a colourful flexible covered notebook and a smartphone stylus pen to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Calculators in various styles are always useful, especially for working out how much of that student loan is left!

/promotional-products/a5-notebooks-with-soft-cover-to-personalise/Don't forget to make your Company Stand as eye catching as possible - use full colour printed pop up banners to display your company advertising, and kit out your staff in matching t shirts and hoodies to generate team spirit and a feeling of unity. Print ballpens with your details so you can hand them out to students to keep for all that form filling!

Remember, Freshers Week generally only comes along once a year in September, so make sure you are prepared and have ordered your promotional gifts in plenty of time. For further information and advice on how to brand your chosen items, don't hesitate to contact us, and for further ideas take a look at our Students pages


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