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The Olympic Games were last held in the UK in 1948 just after the Second World War, and for obvious reasons they were known as the 'Austerity Games'. Now in 2012 we feel that we have survived and overcome the most challenging of times.

This could well be a perfect moment to look at the positive events of the coming months, and think about effectively utilising branded merchandise to promote your company to the world during these exciting times.

Be seen on the way to work!

For London based companies actually getting into and home from work is going to be a challenge. Try encouraging alternative methods of travel. For example, have you thought about encouraging your staff to cycle to work? This not only promotes a healthy activity but is a great way for your staff to be seen on their way to work…. in a high-vis road safety vest branded with you company logo. You can also reward them with a towel, water bottle, reflective cycle clips and puncture repair kits.

If your staff are lucky enough to live near their workplace you could even encourage them to walk or even run to work! Pedometers are a great way to monitor your daily distance travelled and calories burnt. Perhaps a competition amongst staff to see who has walked the furthest each week would enter into the spirit of things!

If some members of staff will really struggle to get into work then perhaps a branded usb memory stick would allow them to take work home.

Get involved with the competition!

Maybe you could allow your staff to watch events on their monitors by distributing personal earphones to keep noise volume down. On the other hand, if you wish to encourage audience participation for certain events during the working day, such as the football team matches or your favoured athletes at the games, you could supply mini footballs, stress shapes, beach balls, banners or bunting to brighten the workplace.

Items can be printed with the dates of major events, such branded stress tennis balls for Wimbledon or a mini cricket bat for when England play the West Indies.

Team games amongst your staff are a fun way of encouraging enthusiasm and company loyalty. Engraved medals or awards could be presented to departmental teams or individuals for outstanding effort during the Olympics and the other sporting events.

There will be a great sense of national pride this summer, the like of which we haven’t seen in many years. Your company can harness this feel-good factor amongst staff and customers to its advantage… why not give your customers a sporting gift to mark the occasion?

Navillus are a leading promotional gifts company here in London and can assist you with any promotional requirements you may have regarding this summer’s events. If anything has caught your eye, or inspired you to organise some events for your staff, then please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you