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Given the unexpected challenges 2020 has laid down in front of us, it is more important than ever to support the British economy, rather than importing as much as possible based predominantly on price.

There are more promotional products made in the UK than you might realise and many benefits to buying British:


  • Reduce your carbon footprint: By using a UK manufacturer, you’re eliminating the need to bring products in by air from the far east

  • Quicker lead-times: Most British factories within the promotional industry offer an express service. Their standard lead-times are generally pretty quick, as little a 1 week in some instances

  • Quality control: I’m a great believer in quality over quantity generally, not just when it comes to branded products. UK suppliers have high standards when it comes to quality control. So because they’re local, any issues that need fixing can be addressed.


At Navillus we offer a wide range of British made promotional products. From recycled drinkware and travel products to biodegradable keyrings and badges. We can even offer bespoke products and packaging!

Branded drinkware has been hugely popular amongst our clients. Even more so since companies have been doing their best to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Reusable sports bottles help cut down on single use plastics and their effect on our environment, but buying UK bottles also reduces your carbon footprint.

Sports Bottle made in UKFinger Grip Sports Bottle:

The finger grip sports bottle has ergonomically designed indents, making it easier to hold.
Mix and match the bottle or lid colours to suit your brand.
Choose from either the classic push pull style or a one-way valve option. All options are recyclable

  • 300ml (clear bottle only)
  • 500ml (option to be biodegradable or recycled)
  • 750ml


As you’ll notice above, the 500ml has the option to be made from biodegradable or recycled materials.

The biodegradable material is special plastic that breaks down once disposed of. In a few years it becomes food for microbes, leaving behind no microplastics, only natural remnant.

The eco recycled version is made from 100% reclaimed food grade material. Sourced by council recyclers saving milk bottles from landfill.
The colour depends on how many labels or caps get through the remanufacturing process. This gives it an off white colour.


Glow in the Dark Jogger BottleJogger Bottle:

These 500ml bottles are ideal for sport and fitness enthusiasts. They have a comfortable handle at the centre for comfort when exercising. All lid colours are available for this style. However, the bottles come in just clear, pink and a high visibility glow in the dark finish.

Great for jogging or running at night!

All our UK bottles are made in Stockton On Tees and it’s not just bottles. We also offer travel cups from the same factory. Furthermore, even the tooling for the injection moulding machines are UK made!

We have a wide range of UK made drinkware to choose from including:

  • 750ml Teardrop
  • 1 Litre bottle
  • Viz bottle in 500ml and 750ml
  • 700ml Shakermate: Designed for protein shakes, has a metal mixer, many lid colour options and can now take a full colour print...the first of its kind!

Take a look at our range of drinkware and British made products and get in touch for our expert advice or an ideas list for our full range.
Send over your enquiry, and we’ll get right back to you!

Click on the product pages below for more information about the Navillus UK made sports bottle range and we hope you will consider us for your promotional branding.

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