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xoopar-boy-bluetooth-speakerThink of all the media gadgets that are available today - smartphones, tablets, e-readers - and how we use them. We watch tv, films, listen to music or radio when we're on the go, thanks to the availability of wifi connections and the internet. A decent set of portable mini speakers can enhance the experience, and will be taken everywhere, a great opportunity for brand

Print or engrave your company details on some travel speakers for a great little loyalty gift for clients or customers. They will think of you everytime they're listening to something - on a business trip out of the office, on holiday, at a festival, at home. Sharing sounds with friends, family or colleagues is a great inclusive activity that makes people feel good, and your brand can be part of the fun. 

Bluetooth Volcano Wireless Speakers have a powerful 3w of sound, perfect to get the party started. The Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is rechargeable, which makes it very versatile, while the Bluetooth Xoopar Boy Speakers look amazing, have a fantastic 3w output, are rechargeable and have up to 4 hours continuous playtime.


Mini Capsule Speakers can be connected for mono or stereo sound, or the Mini Smartphone Speakers connect with a USB cable to all gadgets for a great sound experience. The Griffin Aircurve is a clever device, a mini sound system and alarm clock that needs no batteries or adaptors, great for travellers. Check out the clever little Vibration X Sticker Speakers, a great fun way to broadcast your favourite sounds.

Take the time to choose a marketing gift that will be appreciated andpromotional-mini-travel-speakers used over and over again, not left in a drawer and forgotten - portable speakers will have people jumping for joy! For further information on any of these speakers or for more ideas, take a look at our page of  Travel Speakers 

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