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Here’s an innovative and useful product for 2015 – the HomingPIN! It’s a lost property retrieval system that will assist in reuniting lost possessions back with their owners from anywhere in the world, saving time, frustration and money.

Although missing items of property are often located, the problem is how to identify who the items belong to. Whether it’s mishandled baggage from an airline, lost property at a railway or coach station, or wallets or phones handed in somewhere for safekeeping, there is no accurate way to identify their owners. HomingPIN consists of stylish, strong baggage loops for cases and handbags, with asset labels for laptops, phones, passports,. Each has a Unique Identifier Service Code that matches the owner’s contact details (email and mobile number). The finder of the item then connects with the owner by logging on to and inputting the details and HomingPIN number – the owner then receives the message by text or email and can arrange to collect their belongings. No information about the owner is given to the finder. It's easy to register accounts and item codes, and very simple to use once items are missing.

What a brilliant gift to give to your staff and clients - especially if they are frequent travellers. It will also save your business time and money trying to locate missing items.

HomingPIN packs are easy to print with your business logo and details. The packs contain a selection of loops and tags, asset labels, keyrings and full instructions.

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