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As an SME with a passion for sustainability, we believe the need for sustainable supply chains has never been greater and the current crisis has only highlighted this more. We see people all over the world trying to improve their sustainability, but few are in the position to make any sort of lasting effect.. 

Those of us in the garment branding industry now have the advantage. The exceptional performance of the latest water-based inks means there is now no need for solvent-based printing systems which means we can immediately start reducing the risk of harmful chemicals to our health and the environment.

Currently, most of the printing in the UK is done with plastisol inks, which contains PVC. During manufacture PVC emits poisonous toxins into the air. When disposed of, it emits dioxins into the environment. When burnt, it decomposes to form toxic Dioxins. PVC must be cleaned after production with solvent based chemicals.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a huge increase in the demand for more sustainable clothing solutions, be it organic cottons or recycled PET clothing.  Whilst this is admirable, we should be doing more!

The Solution - Water-Based Print Methods
We believe in a world where promotional products and clothing are made without harmful chemicals. Our goal is to make that happen and by switching to water-based printing we can start to make an impact now!
Water-based ink, as the name suggests, is dispersion of natural pigments and dyes in a water-based medium.  The ink cures through evaporation as well as heat which means that only a portion of the ink remains after it’s cured. As the carrier evaporates the pigment then penetrates the garment.

Benefits of water based screen printing include:

    • Softer feel and improved breathability through the print.
    • Greatly reduced chance of cracking or smearing.
    • No chemicals needed clean down machines/screens as everything can be cleaned with water.
    • Zero Discharge of Harmful Chemicals and Oeko-Tex Certificate compliant.

In addition to screen printing, we can now offer water-based heat transfers and DTG (Direct To Garment) prints too!
Our heat applied transfers are printed directly to recycled heat proof transfer paper. This eliminates the excess waste produced by plotter cutting and application tape. 
DTG or direct to garment printing was introduced in the mid 2000s as an economical way to produce small quantities of full colour prints. However there are limitations as to which types of garment can accept a DTG print.  Our DTG textile inks are now water-based and work best printed onto natural fibres, such as cotton. This environmentally friendly alternative is suitable for smaller production runs of up to 50 units.


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