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Most companies spend a lot of time in identifying the best promotional products. However, they do not put in enough effort or time discussing the branding issues. The reason why companies and businesses distribute promotional merchandise and  printed products is to reach out to their target market and to have their brand registered in people’s minds.

The message in the brand and its impact to the audience becomes more important than the promotional products that you are distributing. They should visibly carry your brand name, logo, your company’s tag line or something that will remind the users of your product, services and brand.

At Navillus we can assist you in not only choosing the right products but ensuring your brand is used to its greatest strength, creating the right impact for your marketing campaign.

Think not just the products but the power of the brand. Remember a brand is a promise, think loyalty and gain the trust of your target audience.

Finding the Right Product.

This is the hardest part for you, getting the right product that suits your needs, something that will be appreciated by the recipient and also fits within your budget and finally, sucessfully carry the brand or message.

Practical items with good print areas such as shopper bags, ceramic mugs, or pens all work well and are tried and tested forms of merchandising, but maybe you are overlooking something here... Do you really want the cheapest bag pen or mug  to represent your organisation, or is it worth spending a bit more to get a better bag or mug printed with a full colour design, or a pen that lasts 6 months, not just 6 weeks?

The prime reason for distributing promotional products and printed gifts is to establish a strong brand identity and build customer relationship. In many situations promotional items go directly into the hands of the existing customers or prospective customers. You need to make sure that the quality of the products that you distribute is simply the best and you should also make sure that those who receive these products have nothing to complain about!

Finding the Right Supplier.

Coming up with the best ideas for a promotional product can be a difficult task. This is not actually the toughest part, the toughest part lies in finding a reliable supplier that can provide you with interesting promotional products with the best quality and a reliable service.

You might come up with a brilliant idea for your promotional gift but if you fail to find a reliable supplier, then the poor quality of the product that you distribute will overshadow the brilliant idea. You also need to make sure that the supplier can handle the quantity required within the time scale.

Most suppliers just tend to want the business and sell, sell, sell!, At Navillus we work with our clients closely to achieve a more dynamic relationship and for the products we supply to have impact on the end users.

Speak to us about your promotional events and merchandising, get some product samples and visuals. work with the design and leave yourself plenty of time for proofing production and delivery.

Another common problem is the issue of stock availability, especially if you haven't left enough time to allow for  your chosen product to be temporarily unavailiable or short in numbers in the size or colour of your choice. Always have some alternatives in mind, hence the reason to start early to get the samples and visuals sorted in time.

Which is more important to you-  the service and the branding or the product itself?  Call us now for some free friendly advice about how you can get a much bigger ROI (return on your investment) and let our team of specialists help you get the most out of your marketing budget.