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When planning a promotional campaign, do you consider your company's environmental policy?  By promoting your services with recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly marketing gifts made in the UK you will be both supporting UK manufacturing and utilising waste materials that would otherwise be clogging up landfill sites.  While it's important to choose the right products for your promotional campaign, it is just as important to cut down the amount of waste generated by marketing and to support British industries.  For example, using branded recycled stationery can raise your profile as a company that takes green issues seriously.  

Every company and organisation, large or small, needs to show real responsibility in addressing their waste issues.

 Branded recycled promotional products

Why not use high quality office supplies made from recycled vending cups, plastics or even car tyres? And… manufactured in Britain!

Or better still… instead of paying to have your unwanted waste paper and plastic removed, why not have it collected and turned into something practical and special? A high quality recycled branded gift for your customers!

The possibilities really are endless. Our colleagues at the Remarkable Factory in Worcester have created pencils which are a manufacturing marvel.  Recycled vending cup pencils and Recycled CD case pencils are made from a minimum of 90% recycled waste. Firstly they collect unwanted raw materials which are destined for the dump. The materials go through several stages of cleaning and preparation before they can be processed and converted into the ‘reverse-engineered’ material which behaves just like wood. They can then be sharpened just like conventional pencils and you would never suspect that they’d had a previous life as a CD case!

Not only do Remarkable produce these superior quality pencils, they are in fact the only British manufacturer of pencils working today!

The Eclipse Pen looks and writes like a normal pen, but re-uses waste packaging and contains a minimum of 95% recycled material.

Navillus can supply a range of biodegradable corn starch pens such as the Vegetal Pen, the Ingeo Pen and the Bio S! Pen are manufactured from plant materials. The body of these pens is made from a natural plastic derived from corn starch. There is no waste when the pen is finished with; it simply biodegrades - a 'green' promotional marketing idea indeed!

As an alternative to standard plastic everyday office supplies, try using recycled rulers, or recycled large paperclips, also made from UK-recycled CD cases or plastic cups. To replace standard paper products, we can offer a range of logo printed  recycled paper notepads made in the UK, with 100% recycled paper pages and covers made from 90% recycled waste hardboard. Instead of regular post-it pads, try replacing them with recycled paper sticky pads made from 100% post-consumer waste paper for a greener office environment.

Promotional printed recycled plastic mugs made from recycled UK waste materials are another popular marketing tool. The mugs are non-chip, lightweight and dishwasher-friendly, and they come in a range of bright colours.

Recycled car tyres can be put to many uses in eco-friendly marketing campaigns.  The rubber is turned into a material that resembles leather and is ideal for notebook covers or mousemats with a very tactile and unusual texture for a promotional product. We can supply UK-made  recycled car tyre pencil cases, notebooks, coasters and mousemats.

For a more unusual gift, why not encourage your staff or customers to cultivate their own plants? Remarkable use recycled drinks bottles and garden waste to make a small grow-your-own pot plant. You can choose between various flowers, herbs or even strawberries to remind your associates of the importance of caring for their natural environment.

We have many more UK-made promotional items that convert waste materials into UK manufactured products, enabling you to turn your promotional campaign into a message that can make a difference. Contact us here for further information about recycled promotional products for your advertising campaign.