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Promotional Water Filter BottlesOur best selling water filter bottles are the branded Bobble and H2WOW Reusable Bottle Filters. Navillus have taken the decision to no longer offer plastic branded mineral water bottles on our website, they’re water under the bridge.

Instead, if you need water bottles for an event, a sports match or just to keep your staff hydrated, we suggest you consider using Bobble Bottles instead.

Why? Just read below - if we’re convinced, you should be too.
Over 12 months, a daily bottle of mineral water costs about £267 in total

Over 12 months, a daily refilled filter bottle costs about £10 in total!


Refillabobble, recyclabobble, sustainabobble, WOW! So what do these reusable water bottles actually do?

Reuse this water bottle with built in filter: remove chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water. Decrease environmental impact. A single Bobble Bottle equates to at least 300 mineral water bottles. Just add tap water! The solution which has been staring us in the face.

Improves the taste of water from your tap. The active carbon based filter system removes any film, or metallic flavour and makes for fresher tasting tap water. Removes organic contaminants from regular tap water and reduces any chlorine..

Don’t miss out. Tap into this new, global marketing technique.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into mineral water: 10 shocking facts you may not know!

1. Plastic mineral water bottles absorb Bisphenol A, a potentially deadly toxin. A landmark report on BPA published in 2008 by the U.S. National Toxicology Program concluded there were concerns over BPA’s effects on the brain, behaviour and a range of health issues.

2. The longer the water is stored, the levels of chemicals increase. The sell-by date on many bottled water is up to two years….

3. Have you noticed how water bottles become brittle over time? Because phthalates (those pesky toxins again) have leaked out of it – you’ve drunk them!

Bottle Filters puts you back in control so your body can be a temple and not a rusting garden shed.

4. Food And Water Watch says almost half of bottled water is derived from tap water.

;5. Regulations for testing tap water are more robust compared to minimal requirements for bottled water.

6. Testing, therefore, proves there is no guarantee that bottled water is better for you and to be frank, looks a whole lot worse. 

Refillable Bottles maximises your profit from genuine, growing, eco-friendly markets.
7. 150 million plastic water bottles are sold each day worldwide

8. Bottled mineral water production in the US alone requires 17 million barrels of crude oil. 
Dont Refuel, Refill!

9. Recycling levels for plastic water bottles are shockingly low. Only around 25% are ever recycled That’s over 110 million bottles of waste… every day!!

10. Up to 80% of plastic bottles which do not biodegrade for up to 1000 years end up in landfill.

Because plastic does not fully biodegrade, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now the size of Texas and growing.

Bobble  & H2WOW Bottle show your customers that you’re in the know: it’s NEVER just a drop in the ocean.

How often do you find an opportunity to save money, save a larger target audience and save:

time, litter, lives, health and just possibly a significant portion of the planet?

How many green bottles are hanging on your wall?

Check out our range of Filter Bottles and cool Drinkware here

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