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Re-awaken happy memories and bring back the feelgood factor with favourite promotional toys and games from the past. Tap in to the popular vintage vibe for your trade show, exhibition or product launch with a selection of personalised old fashioned giveaways that clients will want to hold on to.



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Classic gifts printed with your details will attract attention, be picked up, played with, and kept on desks where your brand will be right under the noses of those who count! Who can resist the challenge of a custom branded Rubik's Cube, a doodle on a mini Etch-a-Sketch, or successfully completing a tricky little maze puzzle








Gadgets are great, but there's no need for batteries and leads with a printed yo yo, or sliding puzzle. Boxes of promotional board games - ludo, draughts, dominoes - branded with your design or logo could be treasured for years.


Promotional pens - try the amusing floating image pens developed in the 1950s, instead of plain ballpoints for maximum marketing impact, a reminder of clever design and quality from the past.


promo-floating-pensPromotional retro sweet packs will hit the sweet spot, and trigger memories of carefree days, along with kites, super soakers, bubbles, bouncy balls etc. all easy to brand with your message. Make promotional merchandise fun again, take your clients back to the future with quality retro toys and games they will treasure.


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