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Why is the  UV Guardian a great Winter promotional product?  Although the clocks will be going back soon and the hours of sunlight will be reduced, many people will be planning their escape to sunnier climates for a Winter break. 

Branded UV Indicator wristbands promotional merchandise

Winter Sports holidays are as popular as ever, but how many of us consider the effects of UV rays on our skin whilst ski-ing, or snowboarding? Although unlike a beach holiday where we tend to wear less clothes, we still expose our skin to high levels of UV light. UV exposure is much stronger at higher altitudes than at sea level, which is where the UV Guardian wristband is invaluable.  It will indicate the safe levels of UV light and warn you when you have had enough.  The UV Guardian is also an effective promotional wristband when printed with your corporate details and logo.  Holiday companies, Hotels and Business in Ski Resorts and Winter Sports destinations would find the UV Indicator invaluable as a promotional gift.  We can also supply Silicone Wristbands and the fashionable waterproof Ion Silicone Sports Watches as promotional and marketing gifts, especially suitable for identification bracelets.

The UV Guardian wristband is especially suitable for children, who are vulnerable to strong UV ray exposure.

promotional UV guardian wristbands for children

Apart from Winter Sports Holiday promotions, the UV Guardian is, of course, ideal for Winter Sun vacations and will keep an eye on your skin's exposure to harmful UV rays whilst you are relaxing in the sun, or splashing in the waves.

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