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Where can you find the best new marketing ideas for businesses based in the Caribbean? With the world seeming like an ever smaller place due to fast innovations in technology and freedom to travel, you can now shop globally at the click of a button. Just like the international guests of all-inclusive luxury resorts, high quality promotional products can be swiftly delivered to the Caribbean islands with ease.

Promotional Products for the CaribbeanWhile North America has been a traditional gateway for products delivered to Barbados, St Lucia and beyond, it is now just as easy to buy from London and receive your merchandise in two or three days with a reliable international courier delivery.

So what’s hot right now for companies in the Caribbean?

Insulated Drinkware

Whether you like to be in the sun or in the shade, staying hydrated is essential for all of us.  This is what makes branded drinkware hugely popular and a great way to promote your business. Practical and always useful, nobody can have too many mugs or drinks tumblers. The latest range of thermal insulated bottles are perfect for the hot climate and an excellent way to keep your drink cool all day. Our double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles and tumblers also have an additional copper lining which will keep your drinks cold for 48 hours or your tea hot for 12 hours. Sleek and stylish tumblers make the ideal merchandise for hotels and resorts. They can be used on a daily basis for filling with cool drinks and ice-cold cocktails which won’t melt by the pool. Just think of the savings you can make on your bar tab with cocktails that stay cool for hours in the sunshine! Plus it’s an excellent eco friendly way to avoid plastic pollution on a tropical island. We can even provide engraved reusable straws so your guests can sip away. Such a practical cup can be engraved or printed with your logo and will make the perfect takeaway souvenir for your customers to use for hot drinks once they return home to cooler climes.

Sleek stainless steel insulated bottles will be a highly appreciated gift for your clients and staff.


Yes, a lot of people have a favourite pair of sunglasses, but often they don’t want to risk losing them on the beach or scratching them in the sand. Promotional sunglasses are now available in a great array of fashion forward styles and make a relatively inexpensive giveaway. If your business is sponsoring outdoor events then sunglasses are key and you can be assured that all of ours have full UV 400 protection. With your logo printed or engraved on the arm you can keep the branding sleek and subtle, but nobody will forget where their new shades came from! They may be kept in the car as a back-up set or used for a game of golf or swimming in the sea. While they may not be an expensive designer fashion statement, they will keep your brand associated with fun and leisure time and what’s not to like about that?

Beach Bags

Do you know which brand we see most of out and about in Barbados? Little Switzerland. Why is that? It is omnipresent because they hand out free bags to everyone arriving at the airport. Bags will always be useful wherever you are, but especially if you’re in the Caribbean and heading to the beach. It’s a great way to advertise your business not just to those who already know you but to those who will see people out and about, literally toting your brand. From nautical styles, ship-shape for cruise customers, to soft organic cotton or two-tone recycled cotton, a good quality bag will be used for far longer than the duration of a two week holiday. Choose a high quality bag which won’t end up dumped and washed up on the shore. One of our favourites is made from recycled cotton and is both a drawstring backpack with shopper bag long handles. It’s so useful it will always be in hand, from shopping to gym kit.

While bags, sunglasses and drinkware may not seem like the most original ideas for promoting your business, it is the new styles, colours and materials available that really make them stand out. If you are promoting your insurance company, bank or law firm these days you will be looking for retail quality gifts for branding. A full colour printed vegan leather luggage tag, hand made in the UK, makes a top quality gift for business travellers who are often flying from Barbados to Barbuda or Montserrat to Martinique. Who wants to buy cheap throwaway gifts when choosing printed products that are high-end or retail quality to represent your brand will show the whole world that you mean serious business..?


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