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Navillus are pleased to offer our customers the full pen range from Prodir of Switzerland.

For example, Prodir Pens have a quiet click or twist, to enhance an atmosphere of concentration or contemplation, and fashionable, futuristic designs combined with comfort and ease of use.

A promotional Prodir ballpen need never be an ordinary ballpen. Discover more about our favourite Prodir Pens.

What's new about the new Prodir pen range?

Ask us about our brand new express delivery service on some of the most popular Prodir Pens

Prodir DS3 Soft pen

custom branded best selling Prodir Pens

Prodir pens can offer a choice of beautifully designed writing instruments for branding. For example, the Prodir DS3 Soft pen, is a new development of the iconic Prodir DS3 pen, with it's  long elongated body, a wide clip and an easy to use twist action. The DS3 Soft pen has taken this classic design one step further with a soft rubber body, designed for comfort and ease of use.

The contrast between the soft rubber and transparent body offers a ballpen that is stylish and eye catching, but also a joy to write with, a pen no-one will want to put down.

Prodir DS3 Mechanical pencil

Promotional Prodir Pens for custom printing

A pencil is still an invaluable writing instrument, and the DS3 pencil follows the same clean lines and smooth design of the DS3 pen. Robust yet easy to use, the DS3 mechanical pencil makes a welcome companion to the ballpen, a matching ballpen and pencil set for custom printing.

The DS3 mechanical pencil comes with an unlimited refill and a handy integrated eraser for versatility. There is also the option to have a ring fitted, in the colour of your choice, between the body and the cap, to express individuality and personality of your brand.

Prodir ES2 pen

Prodir printed ballpens for quality promotional merchandise

A twist action ballpen for the future. A groundbreaking new design, the ES2 Prodir pen has a curved triangular shape, created in association with Designworks USA, part of the BMW organisation. It has a stunning, fashionable plastic body in a choice of bright colours, including neon, to make it stand out from the crowd. With a satin finish metal clip, satin or chrome push button, the new Prodir ES2 pen combines functionality with cutting edge design, contemporary and reliable. It offers the versatility of printing in several colours on the clip and one colour on the body.

Prodir Packaging

Printed Prodir Pen packaging for advertising gifts

The way your Prodir pen is presented is as important as the pen itself. Prodir packaging can be made to measure for all DS models, you can have more than one writing instrument per case. Cases can be customised to your own tastes and designs.

PS1 Case

The PS1 case is an elegant, slender shape, manufactured from high quality, durable plastic. With a matt or frosted base, the cover is available in a polished or transparent finish with a large print area of  80 x 25 mm for your logo and text.

PS2 Case

PS2 personalised cases are a full colour print box with a generous printing area on all four sides of the box, so that you can maximise the potential for expressing your coporate or business image.

The PS2 transparent PET case is classic, iconic packaging that lets the product speak for itself. There is no need to clutter the case with branding as your message will be visible to all in your choice of writing instrument, logo and  text.

Prodir Hard Cover Pen Books 

Prodir pen books are suitable for all kinds of events, conferences, training events, product launches, seminars and press conferences.The Prodir Pen Books come with the The DS2, DS3 and DS5. Each of them with its own silhouette cut into the inside pages so it fits snugly and securely within.

The CS8 range of pen books come in eithereco friendly cardboard covers, all the way to leather or protective cover notebooks. All are fully customisable and can be silkscreen printed in 2 - 4 colours.


If you would like to see the full range of Prodir pens, click here!

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