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Power Bank Chargers, our hottest marketing gadget for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Everyone can identify with that dreaded moment when your phone or tablet is running out of power, and you are nowhere near a socket to charge it. Perhaps you are in an over-running business meeting and need to email your colleagues urgently, or your journey to that important conference or trade show is taking longer than expected?keyring-powerbank-charger

There are a variety of styles and prices, ranging from budget priced chargers to the premium retail brands: Credit Card chargersstone shaped chargers, even custom shaped designs, all suitable for personalisation with your details. credit-card-flat-power-banks-to-engraveHow do you know which one to choose?

It’s important to know that the ampage goes from 0.5 to 2 and what the mAh rating means.  This stands for Milliamp Hour - the capacity of the charger, which indicates for how long the charge will last. The performance of the power bank depends on the mAh of the gadget you are trying to charge. Most smartphones need power banks of around 2200 mAh, up to 4400 mAh and a 1 ampage chargewhile tablets and Kindle need something larger, up to 6600 mAh and a 2 ampage for speedy charging.

power-charger-travel-kitsIn the 2200 mAh range we can offer the Smart Tube and Aluminium chargers to brand, or the budget friendly basic power chargers. For larger gadgets we have the stylish Pebble chargers at 4400 or 6600 mAh. We also have Power Bank Travel Kits with everything you need to charge up and go in a handy pouch, including USB cable and adaptor.

You can charge any device via a USB cable – just plug in your charged-up power bank and you’re back in business! We can even provide solar charged power banks, which means no more excuses to the boss that ‘my phone just died!’ Solar powered chargers are also a brilliant idea for festivals, holidays and outdoor

custom-shaped-power-banksPower banks are popular as they are lightweight and unobtrusive, you can carry them in your bag or even your pocket for instant access. They make the perfect marketing giveaway for exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

pebble-shape-power-chargersWe've put together a fantastic range of stylish, powerful state of the art chargers, Just think of the many possibilities this will give you to support your clients and staff, who will take your branded power bank with them wherever they go. Make sure 'you've got the power' contact us today to discuss the best power bank design for you, and check out our Power Bank pages.

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