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How to inspire and motivate your staff.

Did you know using branded promotional items can increase staff productivity and generate a feeling of well-being in the work place? Here are a few suggestions as to what is popular and proven to work well for companies, large or small.

Promotional Product Welcome Packs 

Ideal for new employees will help familiarise them with your company brand and it’s ethos. They will reinforce exactly what your company is all about to the customer and what your goals are to the employees. If you can find the right desktop item that is practical and useful, it will also effectively help focus your staff each day on their goals and is a constant reminder as to what is expected from them. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity and promote a sense of common understanding (team awareness) within your company.

Promotional merchandise for incentives

The Welcome Pack could contain something as simple as a printed mug, a branded Moleskine style notebook, or something more technologically advanced like a USB hub or mobile phone charger pack

Incentive Rewards

You should always reward your staff for their hard work, loyalty and dedication, and a great way to show your appreciation is with a gift. How about a branded table gift at an industry event to promote and reward your customer or employee loyalty? Printed packs of confectionery for everyone, engraved glass star awards for outstanding employees are all popular.

Health and Fitness

Encourage your staff to stay fit and healthy while at work or at home. We have a fantastic modern range of promotional sports products for running, swimming, cycling or football. Branded sportswear such as performance running tops, track pants and baseball caps are all perfect for sports team wear, ideal for inter-departmental sporting matches or corporate sponsored events.  Water bottles, cycling accessories and work wear jackets can all be printed to create that important brand awareness outside of the workplace.

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