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Marketing managers, don’t overlook the humble lanyard! It’s a fantastic versatile and brandable accessory for all types of marketing.  There’s more to the everyday lanyard than meets the eye.  The ubiquitous strap displays passes, badges or ID information around wearer’s necks. They’re a common sight at Trade Shows, Conferences, Exhibitions or Concerts. Businesses use them for security passes, as do hospitals, prisons or universities. 

Lanyards are also practical for attaching small electronic gadgets.  Keep keys, pens or small tools to hand.  Printed lanyards are perfect for health clubs, swimming pools and leisure centres. They will keep easily lost items together, and display your organisation details.

For health and safety reasons, lanyards can be attached to kill switches. For large industrial cutting or slicing machines to pull on to stop the machinery in an emergency. For the same reasons they are also used on vehicles.  Jet skis, trains, exercise treadmills, lanyards enable the operator to stop them safely.

So who invented this marvellous accessory? In 15th century France, the military wore straps called ‘lanieres’. These were to attach pistols, swords or whistles to their uniforms for easy access. Their weapon would remain attached to them during battle.  Different styles and colours were then developed to show the wearers skills and regiment. The British Royal Artillery wore a lanyard that originally held a key to adjust the fuses of explosive shells!

So apart from being a multifunctional item, a lanyard is a really simple way of displaying your brand. business or event.  Lanyards can feature a variety of customisation techniques. These include screen-printing, Jacquard loom weaving, dye sub, heat transfer and offset printing. Full colour designs make your lanyards stand out, especially when matched to your corporate colours.

There’s a wide choice of materials and sizes. We have polyester tube lanyards, 10mm or 15mm wide, or flat textured lanyards 20mm or 25mm wide. All are suitable for printing in one to full colours. Eco friendly lanyards can be woven from bamboo fibres or recycled PET materials. All lanyards are available with safety breaks, retractable keyreels and all other fittings.

Safety lanyards release when pulled, to prevent accidental choking or hanging. These are practical for use in hospitals and healthcare clinics. Also schools, nursing homes, and child care facilities. Breakaway lanyards are necessary in factories that require employees to operate machinery.

We have lanyards with pens, even with little notebooks. These are ideal for conferences or exhibitions.  Lanyards with lip balms attached are handy for health and beauty promotions or outdoor events. Just think of the opportunities to offer custom printed lanyards to customers, they have so many uses. Remember, the best promotional giveaway items are the ones that are useful.  

Quality custom lanyards with an eye catching design or brand are also very collectable. Festival lanyards make great event souvenirs.

An exciting new development is tangle free ear buds in a fabric sleeve styled like a lanyard. Suitable for full colour printing or even pantone matched. They’re a must-have for commuters, travellers, exhibitions and galleries.

Don’t hang around! Contact us today for advice on how to choose and brand unique bespoke lanyards for your business or event. Take a look at our range of Promotional Lanyards here.