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Working from Home Banner Promotional Merchandise

Whether you want to send a gift to your home working colleagues, or your remote-working customers, we've got a range of useful products to keep them feeling appreciated. 

First up we have a range of custom printed gift boxes, branded all over. Inside they contain sets of high quality matching gifts.  
One example is our More Sustainable bamboo desk organiser and wireless charger, pen and matching bamboo mug.

Alternatively, we have a home pack that consists of super cool bamboo headphones and a bamboo notebook and matching pen.
All delivered in a custom box designed with your own branding.

We have a stylish range of personal care items. Lip balms hand creams and sanitisers, which we can supply in an organic canvas gift bag. 

Silver Mug with Colour PrintYou want to help your home workers get their desk organised and uncluttered. Ask us about our range of desk products
like our new silver desk mugs, notebooks, organiser with matching pens. Practical items to help with adults work and kids school work like desk calculators
and highlighter sets. It is the little practical items you always miss most. For the younger family members, we can offer a range of
children's colour books pencil cases and geometry sets.

This time of year a gardening set is a popular gift, for those lucky enough to have a garden.
Besides, we have a smart new range of desktop gardens and plants in attractive clay and aluminium pots.
We love the idea of plants helping with a relaxing ambience that will brighten up any home workspace. 

Another great positive healthy practice is the daily exercise routine, we've got the perfect promotional home fitness items.
For indoor and outdoor activity - jogger sports bottles for runners, safety lights for cyclists and mini footballs for a garden kick around. 
Activity tracker watches digital skipping ropes and then a pack of healthy snacks as a little reward for all that exercise.  
We have a great range of healthy products such as our protein snacks and jelly beans in biodegradable compostable tubs.

 We have lots of top ideas that we can brand up for home delivery.

call us or email and lets see what we can all do to make this difficult time for business become a little more cheerful.

Click on the link below for more information about Navillus and why you should consider us for your promotional branding.

Call us to discuss your projects 020 7442 2211