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The Football World Cup 2022 is coming on the 21st November and it's a great opportunity to celebrate with your team members and your customers one of the few truly global feel-good events! 

World Cup 2022

The four years of waiting are nearly up, and the world’s greatest sporting event will soon be upon us. The World Cup is the world’s biggest tournament for the world’s most popular sport. In terms of diversity and positivity, only the Olympics even comes close.

For brands it’s an unmissable opportunity to join in with a world-wide party, so read on to find out how we can help…

Branded Footballs World Cup 2022

Promotional footballs

Big sporting competitions are great for inspiring people to pick up that sport for themselves, and that’s especially true for an easily accessible sport like football. The World Cup always boosts interest in actually playing the game, with fans inspired to participate either as part of their fitness regime or just for fun with friends or family.

We can provide custom-made footballs printed with your brand or message, and we offer all types: from official match-quality footballs, down through the full range of sizes, indoor footballs mini footballs, and kids balls that a perfect for a kickabout in the garden or on the beach.

Branded Footballs World Cup 2022

Everything for your World Cup Watch Party

The World Cup always draws a huge global TV audience, with the 2018 final reaching over half a billion viewers. Many of those will be watching with fellow fans, either at people’s homes, or pubs, or community viewing events. At least some of the matches will be held midweek during office hours, so if it’s practical some companies may even opt to hold their own World Cup viewing parties in the workplace. Either way, however you’re planning your World Cup party we’ve got all the accessories you need…

Make some noise!
Custom branded vuvuzelas, clap banners, and thundersticks - these are perfect for fans who are lucky enough to actually go and see the matches live, but also add to the atmosphere when you and your friends are squeezed onto the sofa in front of the telly

Snacks for half-time
We offer a whole range of edible goodies that will go down a treat at a World Cup watch party.
We’ve got football-themed sweets and chocolates that we can custom print with your brand. We also offer a whole range of treats, including cupcakes, brownies and cake pops, that can be custom branded using the latest techniques that allow high definition text and pictures to be added with edible food dyes.

Branded Footballs World Cup 2022

Who’s playing and what time is kick-off?

Of the Home nations, England and Wales are competing in the tournament. In the first round both teams have been placed in Group B along with the USA and Iran, which already sounds like a ton of fun. Unfortunately Scotland didn’t make it through to the competition this time around, so they’re going to have to content themselves to supporting literally every other team that comes up against England!

What time?
Because Qatar is 3 hours ahead of GMT, many of the matches will be broadcast during the day in the UK. In the group stage kick offs are slated at 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, and in the knockout stage they’re set for 3pm and 7pm.

For the home nations the group stage matches are as follows:
England vs Iran on Monday 21st November at 1pm
Wales vs USA on Monday 21st November at 7pm
Wales vs Iran on Monday 25th November at 10am
England vs USA on Friday 25th November at 7pm
England vs Wales on Tuesday 29th November at 7pm


See below for a selection of related products from our range and then contact us to get the ball rolling with planning your party!…