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promotional-lilos-to-printWho cares about being 'beach body ready' when the whole point of going on holiday is to relax and have fun! Chill out - we can suggest some practical and fun items to print with your details or logo for your summer marketing campaigns. Maybe you'd like to reward loyal staff with a branded gift for their summer break? We know nobody likes to think about work when on their hols, but just think how many other people will notice your business logo or design on holiday items?

For seaside fun and games to print, choose:printed-beachballs-for summer-promotions

Beach Balls - classic inflatable balls in stripes or solid colours will ensure your company name is part of the fun either on the beach or in the pool. 

bucket-sets-for-brandingFrisbees are holiday favourites, along with bat & ball sets, giant inflatable or soft footballs. Bucket & Spade sets can be personalised with a printed label, while blow-up lilos and rubber rings are fun for all ages.

For beach time leisure, we have:

Beach Towels - embroidered with your details, a beach towel in a bag, towel with a pillow, or printed with board games, we can help you choose the best for your campaign. Don't forget the towel clips!

Other useful leisure items include Beach Bags, Cool Bags, and Flip Flops, we have a good selection of all of these.

For staying cool on the beach, what about:promotional-holiday-flip-flops

Sun Hats, Can Coolers, Water Bottles, and Sunglasses can all be branded with your design. Essentials for sun safety include Sun Block, Sun Lotion, UV Indicator Wristbands, lip balms and sticking plasters.

promotional-sun-blockIf you choose to custom print or brand holiday beach gifts, you are sending out a message your company is fun and ready for anything. Your gifts will become holiday souvenirs, bringing back unforgettable memories of sunshine and happy times for years to come.

For expert help and advice on choosing and branding any of the above, don't hesitate to contact us, and for further ideas for beach items.

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