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London Fashion Week (February 19 – 23rd) will showcase exciting new Autumn/Winter fashion collections at some of the capital’s most striking venues. These include Tate Britain, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Soho’s Brewer Street Car Park.

 It's an opportunity for homegrown and international designers to display their new collections. The world’s press, industry buyers, and bloggers will be attending. 

Prominent sponsors include Selfridges, Marks & Spencer and Nat West Bank. They will arrange window displays, special offers
and social media events for LFW.

The marketing and promotional requirements for the event are immense. Are you a business or company involved in marketing products for this popular event? Perhaps you are organising your own fashion event later this year and are looking for inspiration?  Branded incentive gifts and goodie bags are essentials to encourage visitors to shows. Here are some of the most popular and useful giveaways to include.

Social media rules – especially for bloggers. The quickest way to stay updated is using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other digital platforms. Phones and tablets can stay charged for all day with complimentary power bank chargers and other USB devices handed out. Don't forget Selfie Sticks for Instagram!

Cotton Tote Bags printed with your unique design are practical and invaluable for carting freebies around town.  They will show off your brand or company to everyone all day long. Mini gift bags filled with a selection of cosmetics or accessories along with discount vouchers etc. are always sought after. 

Gel pads for tired feet and refreshing facial sprays will keep visitors from flagging during the day. Think about  water bottles for hydration on the go. Make up mirrors, lip balms and wet wipes are always handy for touching up appearances during busy schedules.

Personalised confectionery is always a winner – fun retro sweets, lollipops and mints to hand out at shows. Chocolates are a welcome addition to goodie bags.

Don’t forget lanyards printed with your design and details for all the VIP passes coveted by the stylish crowd.

London Fashion Week is a unique event that has to catch the eye of clients, media and the public.  This is within a short space of time and over diverse locations. Are you planning a fashion and beauty event? Looking for promotional ideas? We’re here to help you. 

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