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Promotional keyrings have always been a favourite corporate gift  according to the BPMA - budget friendly, kept and used on a daily basis, but now there's more! Instead of the usual printed or engraved keyfob, there are all sorts of handy little gadgets and useful ideas to brand with your details, to make your keyring work twice as hard.

Power Banks are right on trend at the moment for marketing giveaways, but did you know you can have branded power bank keyrings? You'll get twice as much value from this combination. or there's the stylish, multifunctional Octopus USB adaptor and keychain for those on the go.


puzzle-keyring-torch-to-brandKeyring torches have been around a while, but now we have solar torches, or keyring projector torches as well as USB mini torches or LED torches to print or engrave.

Another indispensable little gadget is a bottle opener - a keyring/bottle opener combination is perfect for events, festivals, product launches, holiday promotions, for students. No more delays in getting that party started, wherever it is, and there is even a mini breathalyser keyring to promote drinking awareness.keyring-bottle-opener-to print

Trolley coin keyrings are always popular - they're robust, kept ready to hand for regular shopping trips and have your details prominently displayed for everyday use. Keyrings with mini magnifiers are great for checking the small print, restaurant bills , timetables or tickets.


trolley-coin-keyrings-for-promotionsCute Teddy Bear Keyrings will display your logo and also appeal to children and the young at heart, so much more interesting than a plain plastic keyfob. Show clients and customers how thoughtful you are with a dual purpose keyring that will be an invaluable accessory, and keep your brand name at their fingertips, day in day out. For more information on any of the above keyrings, or for further examples, take a look at our Keyring pages

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