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The summer months are fast approaching. Are you looking for a fun promotional item that's easy to brand? For travel companies, hotels, the leisure industry, festivals and kids clubs? What has a large branding area and is budget friendly? Frisbees, flyers and boomerangs! There are so many different styles and sizes to suit any business, charity or event.

Who invented the Frisbee? Rumour has it that the name is derived from US college students throwing empty pie tins around. This was back in the 1950s.  The pies were made by the Frisbie Pie Company from New England.  Students would shout ‘frisbie’ as they tossed the pie tins to each other.  Designer Walter ‘Fred’ Morrison had been creating flying discs after WWII. He created a plastic flying saucer-like disc he called the Pluto Platter. In 1957 he signed a contract with the toy company 'Wham-O'. They changed the product’s name to ‘Frisbee’ after the popular nickname for the pie tins!

Frisbees aren’t just ‘pie in the sky,’ they’re a fun and interactive promotional product.  Custom printed Frisbees are popular with old and young alike. They're great for family marketing.  For outdoor events, branded Frisbees are perfect for high impact promotions.  Fun items like Frisbees and inflatable beachballs make great holiday souvenirs. They will be kept and re-used after the event or holiday. This means your brand will continue to be visible for a long time.

Promotional printed beach balls are another simple method of getting your brand noticed. People love promotional gifts that amuse. There are many different colour combinations of inflatable balls to choose from. Match your corporate colours or mix up amazing colours for an unmissable ball. 

Personalised beach balls make a lovely giveaway for beach weddings. Combine them with matching printed flip flops for guests to keep as a memento of the big day.

As well as Frisbees and inflatables for fun and games on the beach or in the park, printed beach towels are cool. They can be colour printed with popular board games.  Towels also come with carrying bags, or with integrated pillows. A custom branded beach bag can be filled with a selection of beach fun goodies. Frisbees, beach balls and a printed towel would make a lovely marketing idea for travel companies.

For more sports related summer holiday marketing ideas, cricket is a winner. Whether on the beach or in open spaces, printed cricket sets are perfect for families and groups.  They can enjoy a game and take the cricket set home with them.

Even pets won’t miss out on walks on the beach or in parks. We have Frisbees especially designed for dogs. Made from safe soft plastic, or with a rope edge, there is plenty of space for branding. Dog charities, pet stores or veterinary practices can have their details printed on the Frisbees.  A great way to get your business noticed and dogs (and owners) exercised!

Make sure you get your summer fun marketing campaign off to a flying start! Take a look at our selection of printed Frisbees and other summer beach items.