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Dog Hoodie

Winter's coming and with sky rocketing fuel prices and ever present environmental concerns many families will be biting the bullet and keeping the thermostat turned down longer. But there are plenty of practical gifts you can give to help people endure the cold weather. Here we round up some of the best products for staying a little cosier this wintertime...

Thermal long johns

Thermal Underwear

Long underwear traps body heat much better than loose fitting clothing, so a good base layer can makes a huge difference when you're in a colder environment for long periods. We've got matching sets of thermal vests and leggings that'll have you snug as a bug in a rug.

Thermal socks

Thermal Socks

If your feet are cold you're never going to feel warm. We can custom-knit thermal socks in your exact design, using organic cotton with a sweat-wicking full terry lining for extra insulation. They're perfect for keeping toes toasty!


Snoods and neck scarfs

Scarves and neck warmers have a big effect on how warm you feel. Snoods are particularly practical as they can be pulled up easily and worn over the mouth and/or the nose without slipping down. Will you look like a bandit? Maybe a little. Will you care when your nose is warm? No.

Beanie Hat Fleece Lining

Warm Hats

Supposedly the head is more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of the body, which might be why donning a hat instantly makes you feel warmer. We offer a large range of headwear, including cosy beanies with double layers, fleece linings or Thinsulate insulation.

Stanley-Stella heavy organic hoodie

Thick Hoodies

Throwing on a thick top layer with a hood is an easy way to wrap up if you suddenly start to feel a bit nip. We've found the best hoodies in every style, colour and material, including organic and recycled fabrics. We've got men's, women's and unisex-style hoodies, children's hoodies and yes we have hoodies for dogs too, so they don't feel left out...

Stormtech thermal vest

Gilets and Body Warmers

These are an effective way of maintaining your core temperature without the feeling of bulky layers that restrict your movement. We've got puffer-style thermal vests that look good and feel like a warm hug!

Draught excluder

Draught Excluders

These are a great practical way of keeping the room temperature up without touching the thermostat. We offer custom-made excluders you can use on all your doors and windows and really build a fug up.

Hot water bottle with custom cover

Hot Water Bottles

Great for bedtime or keep one of these on your lap or tucked under your jumper, the hottie is a cost effective way of keeping the cold at bay. We've recently added some British-made hotties with impressive photo-quality custom branded covers.

City tumbler with cork base

Thermal Mugs

Hot drinks are a great way to keep warm. We've got a huge range of mugs that feature the latest thermal technology and will keep your coffee piping hot for hours.

Branded Treats

Comfort Foods

High-calorie foods are important for keeping the chill out, and gifting people comfort foods is a thoughtful way of giving them a little boost. We've got a ton of tasty treats, including cakes, biscuits, and fresh-baked flapjacks, and we can decorate them all with your personal message.

Ukiyo polylana woven blanket

Shared Bodily Warmth!

When the nights draw in, blankets are the perfect way to cosy up on the sofa in front of the telly. We've a range of blankets that double as attractive throws for bedrooms and living rooms; many are made from eco-friendly recycled materials but they're all super-soft and perfect for snuggling!


See below for for some of the ideas we had for staying warmer this wintertime. If you have any other ideas just speak to us and we can find you a competitive quote. In the meantime, from all of us at Navillus, stay cosy!