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Promotional mugs don't just tell the world about your business, they also speak volumes about the people drinking from them. Did you know that according to research nearly 60% of us have an emotional attachment to our mugs, and on average will keep and use a favourite mug for FIVE YEARS! Here's a short guide to help you match your branded mug with the right audience

Busy designers and creatives working in open plan offices will love Americano take-out style cups, filled with their favourite barista brew to sip after they've cycled into work. Espresso cups are perfect for copious caffeine loaded pick-me-ups from the coffee machine, after a late night in a secret little bar watching an undiscovered band. They will keep their designer branded cup with a hip logo displayed prominently, to remind everyone just how cool they are.

On the other hand, Betty and Beryl in Accounts insist on filling their traditional Cambridge or Sparta ceramic mugs with no-nonsense Yorkshire tea made with freshly boiling water and two sugars, along with biscuits, every afternoon. They pridetraditional-atlantic-mug themselves in giving everyone's mugs a good scrubbing to get rid of stains. Hard wearing, plain mugs with simple printed messages are neatly lined up in shelves in the office kitchen at the end of every day. 

Porcelain-latte-mugPorcelain or china mugs with pretty colours, slogans and cute animal designs will be collected by the fun-loving staff who decorate their desks with pet photos, soft toys and magazines. Mini mugs are for soya lattes, while tea breaks are essential for gossip time, herbal infusions or Earl Grey with lemon won't leave marks in their favourite mugs, which are generally pink, to match their Friday afternoon cupcakes. They have so many mugs on their desks they often double up as make-up holders, but will still notice if someone borrows one!pink-americano-mug

Hard working Account Managers & Sales Executives go for the large Stein mugs filled at regular intervals with any old beverage being brewed up by someone else. A plain no-nonsense corporate slogan on a white mug is their style. The mug will remain on their desks full of dregs until so stained it has to be chucked and replaced with a brand new mug with exactly the same design as the old large-stein-mugone. Their Marketing Department keeps a large stock of corporate branded mugs in storage ready in waiting.

For those who like to keep tabs on their own mugs and hate to share, why not provide blackboard mugs to write their names on as well as messages and reminders?

So there is a desk top mug for every tribe, choose wisely to keep your brand name within reach every day. Just contact us for more advice on how to match the right mug to your clients, whether they are traditional tea-guzzlers or cool coffee-to-go dudes, just take a look at our Drinkware pages

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