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Since 5th October 2015 the Government has introduced a charge  for all single use plastic carrier bags in England. 

So what is the alternative?  Reusable card, cotton or jute shoppers will be even more in demand for retail and theJute-shopper-bags-to brand individual shopper. Wherever there’s a change, there’s a business opportunity, so why not use this opportunity to turn a blank canvas into an eye-catching poster for your business? It’s all about the design. Let us transform your bag into a desirable accessory, printed totes and shoppers can be very fashionable – your bags could even become collectable!

Whether you are a school, sports club, gym, retail business or restaurant, you too can have a unique designed bag to promote your brand.

The idea of having an attractive, durable and Eco friendly cotton or jute bag will encourage people to reuse your bag repeatedly.  From the Supermarket to the Farmer’s Market your branded bags will be out and about every day, displaying your logo, design and contact details.
It's such a simple way to advertise your business!

canvas-cotton-shopper-printedSome people choose to use biodegradable bags to highlight their green credentials and favour businesses that reflect their preferences. If you wish to raise awareness for charities, events, schools, exhibitions, festivals and more, a printed bag will make a great promotional giveaway.

Custom printed gift bags for clients, are an eco friendly and most importantly, Reusable unlike wrapping paper.  Why not have your own Christmas themed bags to give out to customers and staff?

For further advice and information on custom printing cotton or jute reusable shopper bags, why not visit our Bags Page here



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