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What could be more fun than flying a kite on a brisk windy day? Out at the coast or in the park, everyone’s eyes are automatically drawn to a colourful kite soaring in the sky. Imagine kites printed with your business logo in full colour catching everyone’s attention!  Kites are the perfect way to advertise events, they’re budget friendly too.

There are so many exciting possibilities for using custom branded kites. They are ideal for marketing or educational purposes. If you choose kites to get your message out there, you’ll be in good company. 

In 1752 Benjamin Franklin famously used kites to study the atmosphere. Then in 1899 the Wright brothers built a biplane kite after years of studying and flying kites. In the early 20th century Alexander Graham Bell, the developed a flying tetrahedral kite!

Schools could organise kite flying fun days, to encourage exercise in the fresh air. It’s also a great activity for children to study the weather and meteorological conditions.

Kite flying is incredibly addictive. There are plenty of Kite Festivals all over the UK this summer. The public can watch fabulous stunt kite exhibitions or just bring their own to fly.  These include:

  • The 18th Streatham Common Kite Day on Sunday 15th May
  • The Basingstoke Kite Festival on Saturday and Sunday 4 & 5th June
  • The Exmouth Kite Festival on Saturday and Sunday & 28th August

For further information about Kite Festivals thoughout the summer, take a look here:

It’s a great opportunity for sponsorship. Local authorities, housing associations or clubs can all join in the experience. Give out custom printed kites, at festivals or other outdoor events.  It's a wonderful way to raise your profile!

Travel and holiday companies could include kites in goodie bags for hoilday makers.  A full colour branded kite will act as a flying poster for your hotel or company. It will be seen out on the beach throughout the summer season.

We can offer a great range of kites for printing.  The best selling Sky Diamond Kites have a large area for branding, and come in a choice of colours. Easy to assemble, they are made from nylon with a fibreglass frame and a single handle 40m line.

Our popular performance Stunt Kites are responsive but simple to fly. They offer great all round performance for more experienced kite flyers.

Mini Diamond Sky Kites are fantastic to print in up to four colours and give out or for marketing campaigns. Perfect for mailing out to customers, or for decorating stands at exhibitions or events. They really fly too!

The sky's the limit when it comes to promoting your business or organisation! Take a look at our selection of colour custom kites here.