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Promotion robin soft toy

Does your business have a corporate character mascot or a stylish animal logo? A lion, a zebra a bird, maybe a monkey? Have you thought about using a soft toy version to represent your company? There have been some very high profile, successful marketing campaigns using toys as consumer giveaways – which ones can you remember? (See below for Marketing Magazine’s top 6 ad characters)

Soft toys make fantastic promotional items with a difference. Large or small, they can be customised with a printed or embroidered label, sash, tag or T-shirt. Bear keyrings are always popular and you can even have bespoke soft toys made to your specific company requirements.

A personalised stuffed toy has the ‘aaaah’ factor, people become attached to them - many become collectable. A cute teddy wearing a T-shirt printed with your design and details sends out a subtle but positive message that can affect emotions – people will remember your brand with a smile!

Soft toys can tap into our childish side, and reawaken memories of feeling carefree, optimistic and loved. Giving branded cuddly toys to employees’ children shows a fun and caring side to your company. This can encourage a family atmosphere to flourish in the workplace, enhance productivity and feelings of well-being amongst staff.

Branded leopard puppet
They also make great event souvenirs, or for museums, tourist attractions or gift shops, perfect for charities, universities, travel companies, schools.

All of our soft toys comply with the strict European quality & safety regulations. With so many to choose from, there will be a promotional soft toy for your business. For further information on choosing and printing cuddly creatures take a look at our featured selection of soft toys and teddy bears:

Soft Toys page


Marketing Magazine's Top 6 Cuddly Brands:

Monster Munch's Monsters, ComparetheMarket's Meerkats, EDF's Zingy, PG Tips Monkey, Levi's Flat Eric, Birds Eye's Clarence the Bear