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A recycled notepad or pencil has a back-story and once branded with a simple message it becomes a great introduction for children to learn about the environment and our limited global resources.on stationery products - we have a great range of branded quality pens, highlighters, and paper notepads which are all still essential items in a modern office.Promotional Products  - what are the benefits of using them in today’s marketing?

Promotional Merchandising does deliver results, and here are 10 good reasons why:

1.  Durability:  the average promotional item can last for almost 3 years. In marketing that’s a long time for your brand to be in front of your client.

2.  Relevance: Promotional items can be relevant to a specific campaign. We can send you a list of themed ideas to support you and find the right product for your brand.

3.  Tactile:  ‘touchy feely’ items have a positive long lasting effect - think great quality T-shirts, leather wallets or an even a simple stress shape!  

4.   Useful: it's a known fact that the more useful the product the longer it will be kept. We have lots of great new modern ideas as well as popular tried and tested items, such as printed mugs and tote bags.

5.  Targeted: specific campaigns can be very closely targeted and you can change the message to suit the customer.  For example, why not personalise a gift with your customer’s name?

6.  Saves you money: Buy your company stationery in bulk and fully branded for a great price.

7.  Educational: Recycled, Biodegradable or Organic products are a great talking point for raising global issues and awareness with children.

8.  Inexpensive: there is a massive range of items at a low cost - we can offer you 10,000 pens for £1000.00 all branded with your logo

9.   Great quality products.  We believe in offering you the widest range of superior quality branded merchandise on every level. 

10.  Makes your Company Money! By using good quality gifts for your marketing campaigns you are presenting your company as a high-quality brand.

So these are just 10 outstanding reasons.  There are of course many more reasons to use our services in business today. Browse our comprehensive website for further inspiration for your marketing campaigns call us on 020 7442 2211 or contact us here